[Archive] Hyborian Age-suitable miniatures?



Given my recent binge-watching of the 80s cartoon series ‘Conan The Adventurer’ I’ve been thinking about maybe creating some conan-esque terrain.

There are some cool miniatures I’ve found here: http://www.red-box-games.com/gallery.php?g=3 RBG Heroes and at some other places around the internet.

Can anyone point the way to any other online resources for inspiration for modelling things from this ‘era’?


Thommy H:

Celtos human barbarians.

Dwarf Tales weird Elf/werewolf people(?)

Hasslefree has some barbarians in its fantasy humans range.

And finally, not sure of all the manufacturers, but this ought to inspire you…


Hey, sweet - thanks for the links! I might also re-read some of the ‘Conan’ novels I have kicking around the house, to get a better feel for the place.

Oh, and the most unexpected quote from the children’s cartoon series:

“We heard that the chieftan here was a whimpering pantywaist surrounded by cowards and dolts and we decided to take over!”

- from "Conan, The Adventurer"

EDIT: Also, any idea where there are some good ‘serpet men’ or ‘yuan-ti’ miniatures?

Thommy H:

Reaper is the place to go:

And there’s this from Dragonblood:

A few places seem to sell it, but I think it may be OOP, so I don’t know how easy it would be to get hold of.

Da Crusha:

blood moon minis also has them. I always wanted to buy some snake men but didnt play a game that used any.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

OMG some sculptors are just not happy if they cannot slap naked boobs on a mini - even if it’s completely unsuitable…


They are cold blooded, guess that explains the nipples!


Don’t snakes lay eggs?

These guys here scream "We’re evil nasty hyborian marauders!



and I think the naked boobs are appropriate on this model:


Thommy H:

Yeah, I’d have linked Red Box (because they’re exactly what you’re after) but you already mentioned them in your original post. In my vague dreams of turning my Chaos Warriors into a Barbarian Horde, Red Box figures feature quite heavily.


I think I may gift myself a few of those nasty guys for Christmas - they look more ‘Chaos Warrior’ to me than the GW ones!


you could also hit ebay and buy some old citadel chaos snake men. i once bought a few…

linky http://www.solegends.com/citc/c27snakemen.htm

edit… love the reaper once btw, might be a cool thing to make a unit from sometime (if i find time :()


i was wondering how hard it would be to use lizardemn bodies and cut the legs off and sculpt a tail, mod the heads a little.

-could that work?


i was wondering how hard it would be to use lizardemn bodies and cut the legs off and sculpt a tail, mod the heads a little.
-could that work?

i've seen something like that in a White Dwarf once... although i was quite some time ago. the army (there was a whole army pictured, although i'm unsure if they were all converted) used the older saurus models as a basis, legs removed and tails sculpted... looked like a lot of work to me back then.