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Ok, I might not be the first, the world is a big place and there is probably someone who proxied this straight after the new book came out. But I’m still the first here (:

So yes I love my Centaurs, I really liked them under the ravening hordes list and in 7th edition so I made quite a few.
Only under the new rules and with the new book you only need six…
I’ve tried 2 units (6 and 3) great fun, but as I have 18 models all painted up I needed to take it a step further:

930 points (including full command and the gleaming pendant)

the movement tray is bigger than a A4!

As Bas already agreed to face them om the battlefield i’m really looking forward to put them to use (and the next not so friendly tournament i’ll be attending I will bring them along. (normally i’m a real friendly player, trust me)

Kera foehunter:

I’m the first replying on you being first !! what do i win ?


Really nice “small unit” :wink: u got there, great work!!


@Kera infinite fame

@Yodrin, thanx, really looking forward to using it (:


It’a damn good looking unit! :hat off

Amazing guys! :wink:



Thats a 925 p unit with GW and FC;)


Cool. Can we have some close-ups?

Singleton Mosby:

Simply amazing Bolg. I just love’em and would really like to face them on the table. :hat off


That’s really great looking !

I suppose i would be pretty scared to face them, but man i would also be glad to be able to say “one day, i faced a guy who came with an enormous unit of centaurs…”.

Sure you’re gonna have epic fun with them ! Good luck !


Thanx guys!!!

Simply amazing Bolg. I just love’em and would really like to face them on the table. :hat off

Singleton Mosby
ha, another volunteer 2000 points, birng your nasty and email me when (: I can do 2400 points to if you are scared (;
Thats a 925 p unit with GW and FC;)

defiantly 930, no way I’m leaving home without the gleaming pendant, imagine failing a panic test on the table side…

of you have a better option for a banner, let me know, I might try a 2400 point list 2 but then I’ll bring a taur’ruck too.
Cool. Can we have some close-ups?

Will do, most of the models are already in the early pages of my CD blog but I’ll try to make a few fresh closeups.


The son ( a dwarf lover for whom I’d appropriated some olde slayers) loves them as I do. I think I stole the in-setting a normal cav’ base into the bigger base idea from you.


Cool. Can we have some close-ups?


@Abecedar: Glad you do, and glad you did, I advocated these bases quite some time ago in my blog so very possible. or else just go with "great minds think alike" (;


LOL :slight_smile: you absolutely need a Taur’ruk with the crown of command :wink:


Yes I probably do (very mugh) but I cant fit it in 2000 points.

Will la tete rouge:

I would be interested to know how this goes in a game.

I am currently prepping for a tourney where there is a 400pt cap on units but once that is over, I am so taking this down my club.


I will let you know once I’ve tried out the unit for real… unfortunately everyone is o holiday right now and there are no tournaments to speak of.


Clever basing and a great looking unit!


They look amazing great job! I am also a huge fan of your creative basing.


It took a bit longer than I wanted, but I brought the unit to a tournament. it was a 2000 point tournament nearby, one of those you only go to cos they are close so I did not feel bad for bringing the unit. (2 of my opponents did not field a completely painted army)

my list is the attachment.

here is a quick rundown of what happened.

game 1 against vampire counts.

I have no clue of all the names of all the units It had a Trror “guist”(?) 30 gouls, 8 big gouls, 3 flying gouls, 2 bats and a big unit of skellies with a killy killy lord and a BSB + banshee.

we had to fight over the length of the table, but still 24 " apart (weird but whatever). terrain was full of impassible buildings, not good for a unit the sise of an A4. he got first turn, moved everything forward except everything on the side of my centaurs. raised 12 zombies I failed to dispel in front of my centaurs and than miscasted on the move bubble spell so his Terror model. It did 3 wound on my hellcannon, I passed 2 crew saves. my first turn I charged my hellcannon in his terror model, and he would take the remaining of the game to kill it. My centaurs charged the zombies and overran in the 2 bats. his 2nd turn his lord in skellies and charged my centaurs, the big ghouls in the flank. if his lord wasnt so extremly killy killy the would have held but he did 5 attack Ogre Blade and for every wound (5) got an extra attack. My centaurs ran away but got a way. my dwarves had some real trouble fighting of the gouls and 3 flyers. 2 ghouls killed by BSB with 4 poisoned attacks from 3 models. the centaurs rallied but failed to do anything fighting the big ghouls (the die were not on my side). in the end I lost big time but some Centaurs survived.

As I lost big time the firts game I got Woodelfs for my 2nd game.

Noble lord and live mage lvl 4 in a horde eternal guard. so stubborn (as long as the lord lives) and a 5+ ward save (but we played it as 4+ as i did not know the item). he also had 7 three kin (in one unit) a treeman and 10 wild riders.

we had to play for objectives (stay within 3") the fun bit was, my horde was big enough to take a objective and keep the opponent out of 3" but he got first turn so that wasn’t an option. we moved arround for a bit his treekin charged my centaurs after they failed their charge and the hobgobbos charged the wildriders. I failed Flaming sword of ruin on the hobs and they died, the centaurs failed all their attacks (and he made a lot of ward saves) and got to stick around thanx to steadfast. next turn the centaurs ate the treekin and over ran (the hellcannon killed the theeman in a direct hit (thanx to a reroll). the falnk of my centaurs was exposed now but his horde did not charge (ha 40 S3 attacks are still only S3). I charged his horde with my dwarves and the hob hero in the rear, I faild to dispell all his spells and he had T7 I was stubborn too so we just stood there, his wild riders in my flank, my hellcannon in his flan and my centaurs in the flank of his lord. loads of T7 spells were cast and not dispelled, flaming sword helped me kill a few extra elfs. finally I got to cancel his +T spell. I won the combat big but as he played the Rhymlers Harp as a 4+ ward and not the 5+ it is I could not kill his lord, a well it didnt matter, he failed his  stubborn breaktest I over ran and the battle was over. (Karma/Hashut or some appropriate remark).

Firts I felt sorry for facing woodies with this list but my opponent made so may mistakes (treekin WS5, wild riders T4 and S6 on the charge and more) that in the end I really didint.

Game 3 was against Tombkings.
casket, 2 stonethrowers, 4 chariots, 1 tomb scorpion, 20 archers, lvl 4 priest, lvl 2 life priest, prince in 30+ skellies and 2 war sphinxes.

(I hate war sphinxes, I have S6 and still need 6’s to wound)

I got fisrt turn, moves my centaurs forward so the would be in long charge range of his chariots and 1 sphinx and kept my general within 3" of the hellcannon (who ten rolled a double misfire and ate his crew), the wolfboy hero went warmachine hunting.
He dindt charge but moved his units forward so I could only charge his scorpion and than overrun in his sphinx. he then cast -1 S and T on them, I couldn’t care less and let him. he killed one with a ‘direct’ hit from one of the stone throwers (well not really direct but wit a unit that size scattering of target is quite hard) and he did a wound on my Hob hero.

ofcourse I charged the tomb scorpion and even with -1 S/T ate the model but I didnt over ran but reformed so i woul get the chariots in the flank and all the rest he would send my way in the front. my hellcannon did 3 wounds on one sphinx and then it was his turn.
everything charged my centaurs (2 sphinx tarpit skellies and 4 chariots) he tried casting -D3 S/T but this looked like the right time to use the dispel scroll. he rolled very good for his impact hits and with all the attacks he could pull off did quite a few wounds. But T5 and the ability to make 5+ armour saves and all the S6 attacks I did in return ment I only lost at -2. my lord was in range, but my BSB was not. for that reason allone my 875 points unit has a banner of 5 points the Gleaming pennant (reroll first failed LD test). I didnt need it, I rolled 8.

I was still standing… My hobgobs could charge his sphinx in the flank, but with his thunderstomp that had a good chance of not helping. I got of Flaming sword of ruin (auto wounds on T4 or lower). I think it took 2 more rounds of fighting before everything was gone. oh and my hellcannon got another miscast (my lord was out of rerollrange) and to make matter worse for my opponent he failed his LD test and became a lvl 1 mage before being killed.

We stopped playing when we had only his casket and 7 skellies with a lvl 2 priest left over.

So looking back this was a lovely experiment, I really love my centaurs and it was fun to filed all of them again in 8th edition. The unit is HARD but any horde of big guys is so that wasnt a real surprise. their staying power is pretty awesome but moving them around is quite a challenge.
I think I’ll put the movement tray and most of the bigger bases in a box somewhere…

Maybe I’ll field 9 (6-3) or 12 (6-6) when I feel like it someday soon, but I’ll probably stay on 6 for the next few CD battles.

[edit] oh and another thing I learned today: I really love Flaming sword of ruin! Not a fan of auto wounds (I say 1 always fails but GW does not agree ) But with Flaming sword and S3 you wound T5 or higher on a 5+, and 5+ I can roll (:


As cool as the unit is, terrain doesn’t like you nor the dice occasionally