[Archive] i have a sinking feeling . .


just got my bro his birthday present off ebay - Man O War!!!

£41 including postage, complete in box everything in there, i think i got quite a good deal. I have never played before but he is always going on about how we should try ship battle gaming.

just a shame i have to give it to him lol, well he did get me a 5th ed earthshaker for christmas which was a very nice surprise.


Great find. I have’nt been tracking those. What is the range in terms of prices?


from what i can see it is rediculously expensive.

i set myself a limit of £50 for the boxed game, so i dont think i did too badly really. im sure i will get £50’s worth of use out of it. Apparently its a great game to play, i never tried it when it first came out. I do have a 1st edition spacehulk somewhere (missing the minis) which is probably worth a lot too.

as for the miniatures, they are very very expensive. ive been watching a chaos dwarf fleet boxed set go over £30 not including postage, and you need 3 of those to make a 1000pt fleet. Im not too sure about the other races, some things seem to be pretty common, mainly dwarves and chaos, and everything else seems very expensive.

to be honest i think a lot of the miniatures havent aged well at all, especially the more race specific ships. i might try my hand at sculpting a few myself. of course i still have my first 1000pts of warhammer army to finish painting yet!


I have man ‘o’ war, never had it out the box, just read the rules and looked at the ship models. Not really my thing, and generated no interest at all amongst my gaming buddies. I would get rid of it, but it’s not in very good nick, so I’ll just stick it on my perpetual list of things to do!


I still haven’t abandoned hope of GW rereleasing it.


Check out the sea of claws Yahoo group. They have card templates for all the ships. A bit cheaper than buying the models!


read through the rulebook to this last night, and it looks a fantastic game. I really cant wait to give it to him, although its not for another month yet so i might see if i can get together a couple of fleets cheaply to learn to play with.

wallacer - if they remake mighty empires they might re-make man o war, although im not sure if it would be a boxed suppliment with supporting miniatures, or just a specialist games PDF.

cornixt - ive had a look through all the yahoo groups they seem really useful, but unfortunately although i can get all the ship templates for chaos dwarfs id still need plague fleet for the exact rules! doh.