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Anyone have idea what type of runes beast of chaos use?


I thought they had examples of runes in the back of that book? I know they did in the old Hordes of Chaos book, but I could swear the BoC did too.

Time of Madness:

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Time of Madness


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I think the old Realm of Chaos books had runes in them as well, if you can get hold of them.


Same as the HoC ones.

The Beast of Chaos book has them as well.

p. 74 for those wondering…


Google for “Dark Tongue”


Unfortunately, slev, that will just get you help with a variety of medical conditions.

All I can give you are the Hordes of Chaos Dark Tongue:


The actual runes themselves aren’t to be found anywhere online (aside from torrenting an armybook…). Offline, you should be able to find them in Hordes of Chaos (page 106), Beasts of Chaos, Daemons of Chaos, any of the Liber Chaotica, and a few WFRP books (Tome of Corruption, for one).

That said, if you want to get them online, but don’t want any moral issues… You could always try to torrent The Lost & The Damned. They’re out of print (and mostly out of existence), so it’s hardly stealing (said the devil to the pious man), and they’re certain to have images of the Dark Tongue in there.

Lastly… You could just make them up. Some dialects are more common than others, and the symbols of the Gods/Winds never change, but otherwise… Chaos is Chaos. One set language for everyone is silly, so just make up some eye-watering runes.