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centauro enano:

Hello everyone

I would like to build a great base for a Taurus. Something spectacular as a statue of a chaos dwarfs dip in lava.

Some tips for the design?  :P


Maybe you could use some of that liquid water product and dye it red. I am guessing food coloring or cool-aid. Having never done it, I am not sure it will work.

Kera foehunter:

well what if you do a Grey statue and lava coming out of the mouth ??
with a lava bace ?? you could use pva glue with red ink ?


Hi there.

IMHO :slight_smile:

First make a big base. I mean bigger or higher than usual to make a difference between THAT and the rest of your army. wood, plastic whatever bigger than 52mm base. Round is always better than squarry in this case

Glue some little stone all around with a big one on which you gonna put the BEAST on. Try to choose a clean surface in order the taurus is feets on it realisticly (all the big thing about basing is to create atmosphere)

Then try to find some sand and mess the whole thing with glue and sand. (use wood glue disolved in water, next spread the sand). Try to keep empty lines of lava follow their way to the bottom. wood branch make effect as skulls or stuff

For lava it’s almost the same than river. Choose the easiest way for it to get from the top to the botton. You choice of lava “road” will determine the realism so the atmosphere.

put some wood glue not disolved in the hole you let for lava road. Put some little rocks in it (lava pushing rocks make real good). Don’t forget that lava has more density than water.

Let it dry

Make some bubles with green stuff if you search for golden deamon or skeletton arms. Skulls of plastic sprue make always huge effect on bases as they focus the eye on the very little thing.

Than undercoat the whole thing. White is much better IMO.

Than undercoat it again as wood glue is kind of "idon’t like undercoat"

Than paint the whole lava thing in yellow pure

than dry brush from heauvy orange to light red to bordeaux and almost black for dry lava.

Paint the whole stone in black dry bruch heavy w/brown.

Than choose between lasure and brown ink to make volum appears.

Brown will feet w/lava and make it bright and also w/stone

Drybrush again the stones.

Choose a few of it, and paint them w/bone skill or grey. Make ++ effect.


Add on green parts not burn is always cool.

With greenstuf : count 1hour

without greenstuf : count 30 minutes (most of the time is to place the right thing at the right place before glue dry)

Hope it help


centauro enano:

Hey Thanks for the ideas :cheers