[Archive] I needs an awesome costume


Every year my partner and I go in for halloween in a big way, we throw a massive party and more and more people turn up each year.

This year i really want to blow people away with my costume so I am looking for advice. Does anyone know the best place to buy from? If anyone knows of any cool costumes currently for sale please let me know.

Also any ideas for what to go as would also help.

Am looking to spend up to a couple of hundred pounds.

Previous years I have done: Jack Sparrow, Wolverine, Batman, Starscream, The Scarecrow, Sub Zero so you can see the kinda thing I like.



Alex Delarge (Clockwork Orange)… made it myself though, including eyeball wrist bands/cuffs.

Alternatively, Dr. Horrible, but the old style surgical vests can be hard to come by… or make your own proton pack :wink:

Dr Horrible is on my currrnt short list


Back in 2009, my writer/colourist and I went as Darth Sidious and Darth Maul. There was some contention over who got to be the master and who was the apprentice, I got Maul in the end. Still, he looks cooler.

Star Wars characters are always fun. Your missus could go as that female Sith who’s name I dunno. The one with red skin iirc.


I went as DR Zoidburg one year, was quite amusing. :smiley:


ha! Zoidberg rules all, that would be great.

So far I am thinking maybe a Star Wars one as I havent done that before or Ezio from Assassins Creed.


My four year old daughter wants to dress up as a hurricane.

No, I have no idea where to start.


Dangermouse :wink:

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If you are a bit creative;- Iron Man!


jesus thats good!! If only!


dunno what its ment to be , but its looks easy to make and looks awsome


A costume should never restrict your ability to eat and drink! Taking off the helmet is just cheating.


A costume should never restrict your ability to eat and drink! Taking off the helmet is just cheating.

Buffet nibbles and a straw, WIN! :P