[Archive] I want a Netherlord Mark 1


I would kill to get a netherlord mark 1

I have lots of chaos, empire, and a whole lot of other stuff from older GAMES WORKSHOP of a variety of games, to privateer press. Also have MONEY


if this is for your bloodthirster proxy then you may want to specify as there were 2 types of Mk1 netherlord (well more than that if you wanna get picky as details were altered when it was rereleased as netherlord redux but those are minor). There is Spined netherlord and Winged netherlord. I take it you want winged?

Here is a pic of the Spined variety, this one is mine. he’s not for sale its just to show you the difference. I generally use Keeper of Secrets stats for him.

Have you tried asking on The Forum Of Doom? as that is where Heresy fans tend to be.


I want both but the winged one as soon has possible.


Because I couldn’t resist teasing. And starscream’s Netherlord bears a striking similarity in colourscheme, as far as I can tell. Long lost twin-brother perhaps? Mine is going to be used as a Blood Thirster.:stuck_out_tongue:


You snowblizz are a very evil man. And again I would kill you for it. or anyones for that matter.


Out of interest what do you reckon a Mk1 is worth these days?


I’d say it’s worth no more or less than it was when it was released…


oh well, keeping a hold of mine then, they were only about £30 when released.