[Archive] Idea: Longbeard Masks


Does anyone use to the longbeard face masks of 7th edition dwarfs to make chaos dwarf masks?

Would it work?


I don’t see why it wouldn’t.


Yes. But I put them on “7th edition” plastic Dwarfs to make my “Chaos” Dwarf Longbeards.


I think it would not work terribly well if it was just painted as gold.  Unconverted they don’t look evil, so I think it would work, but you’d need to paint them as bone or black iron. Maybe even red or rusted :mask

That said, I’ve tried to take many masks off the dwarf sprue and had them break, so it may just be easier to sculpt something!

Kera foehunter:

i never had any luck with them they would alway break on me



i never had any luck  with them they would alway break on me


Kera foehunter
They are indeed some of the tinies pieces GW has ever made. I once dropped a mask and couldn't find it on the floor among the dust... it was just that tiny.