[Archive] Ideas for a 1250 league list


I’m entering a league at my local store and the rules are:

  • You may spend up to 1250 points on your list
  • You may NOT modify your list once the league has started (including Magic Items etc, but excluding Lores of Magic)

This makes the whole thing a little messy, since I’m no veteran player and I need advice for a force like this. There will be Dark elves, Empire, WoC, Wood elves and possibly High elves, TK, DoC, Dwarfs and Lizardmen participating. I will at least use a Level 2 Sorcerer as one hero choice. But give me advice on the other setups! I have a little more than a week before my list needs to be done.



Well the wiki have a sample army roster page :


You could check it ; I don’t like it so much (I would swap and add a few things here and there) but you’ve got 250 more points to play with, like adding a power level to the sorceror.

You will have random opponents, so you musn’t tailor your list toward a specific threat. Otherwise I don’t really know what advice to give … Sorry !

This message might be a bit late also …

Alan the evil:

in 1250 id like to run with an hreo with armor of gazrak and GW like general (94pt) and 2 lev 2 sorcerer with dispel/power (300 pt).
characters are alredy 394 pts.
You must to field to core unit: it could be good a big block of 24 CD with full command (294) and 15 blunderbusses (180)
core unit are 474 pts.
we still have 382 pts free

Now it depend of wich kind of play do you prefear - I’d like to do so:

a hundred of points in hobbos (2 blocks of 25 nacked / 5 x 10 naked / 2 x 10 archers or a mix of them)
170 points in war machines (3 x BT and rocket / 2 x BT and eartshaker / 4 X BT and 10 more archers - ok, these last are not machines…)

and at least
a hammer unit of 8 Black orks w/ shields close to big unit
improve CD warrior with warbanner and BB with other rank
if you don’t use eartshaker 5 bullcentaures

hope to be helpfull


You could also have a bullcentaur hero with a heavy weapon and the armour of Ghazrak, that can 16" charge to do mean things to vulnerable targets, it can be unexpected ; also having a bullcentaur means you need one less dwarf to have a rank bonus.


Thanks for the replies! The league was delayed and it gave me an additional week for figuring out a proper army list, so none of this information you have given me was actually wasted! The wiki article was great! I really appreciate your help, thanks.

I made the following list:


Hobgoblin Hero - 103p
- Wolf
- Black Hammer of Hashut
- Heavy Armor
- Shield

Sorcerer - 150p
- Level 2
- 2xDispel Scroll

Chaos Dwarf Hero - 94p
- Armour of Gazrakh
- Great Weapon


19xChaos Dwarf Warriors - 191p
- Musician
- Standard

17xChaos Dwarf Warriors - 204p
- Blunderbusses

10xHobgoblins - 170p
- Wolves
- Bows
- Light Armor
- Musician
- Standard

15xHobgoblins - 30p

15xHobgoblins - 30p


Deathrocket - 80p

2xHobgoblin Bolt Thrower - 60p


Earthshaker - 110p

Chaos Dwarf - 1232p

Some spare points still… Any ideas or is there anything I should switch/add/take away? Comments and advice are welcome!


Good list I think.

Maybe more hobgobs ? Drop the standard on the hobgoblins with wolves, that leaves 38 points, which is 19 hobgobs, so another unit of 15. It leaves you 8 points, though.

The death rocket might be too much at 1250 points too, you already have three warmachines. But I don’t know, and I will leave more experienced people talk about it. If you remove it, it leaves you with 88 points, which is enough for another rank in the warrior unit and a war banner, or a banner of slavery (you’re 6 points short for the banner of slavery and the rank). That will gives you one overly resilient unit your enemy might avoid though, but if he does so see it as a good point denial then.

You could also go to all the bother of giving your hobgob hero the armour of ghazrak and a great weapon, and your general a heavy armor and the enchanted shield (and nothing else) granting him a 2+ save in hand-to-hand and leaving him to the Ld bubble role (your dwarf unit is supposed to be a tank anyways so no problem). This will make you have more points left for another rank and the banner of slavery, thereby making your battleline harder to go through, with a resistant CD unit and three veery cheap rerollable Ld10 hobgob units nearby.

You could also give a small magic weapon (like sword of might ? ) to your general, but this will make his armour save 3+ in hand-to-hand and you will be forced to use it.

I haven’t calculated how this goes in a matter of points and what it leaves you though.

I ranted much, I don’t know if my bunch of idea will be of any help, but I hope I did ! Good luck with your league ! Ancre.


Made my final decision just in time… My list will look like this:


Bull Cantaur Hero Grazhuk -151pts

-Heavy Armour


-Black Hammer of Hashut

Sorcerer Bakhrag -150pts

-Level 2

-Chalice of Darkness

Sorcerer Reighak -150pts

-Level 2

-2x Dispel Scrolls


15x Chaos Dwarf Warriors -185pts

-Great Axes



17x Chaos Dwarf Warriors -204pts


10x Hobgoblins -160pts



-Light Armour



Deathrocket -80pts

2x Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower -60pts


Earthshaker -110pts

TOTAL -1250pts


Multiple sorcerers seems like the way to go. One of the biggest things about a league like that is something you can change along the way, and really outside of Lore there isn’t a whole lot of things that fit that category. I once ran a Vampire Counts list that took a bunch of magic banners that conferred benefits on the unit as a whole, so I could figure out what my opponent was playing and have tooled out combat heroes join the unit that gives them the biggest benefit, ie, joining the hellfire banner unit against Nurgle demons…