[Archive] Ideas for Bull centaurs?


Hi evil mates,

3 days that I search through every part of the forum to find someone who did bull centaurs, BUT with a chaos knight steed and an ogre torso.

I saw that a lot of people are using the steed, some of you are using Black orcs torso, a few gives advices to use ogre torso, but I can’t find any…

Is it viable? Does someone ever did it? Tried? Does it give something too weird to fit the proportions ?

My green stuff capabilities are very limited, so I’m doing the torso from scratch.

Thanks for your answers/links/pics !


Do you not like the ones from forgeworld?


Do you not like the ones from forgeworld?

maybe they are expensive, or do not match the rest of his army or he does not like the models (All three apply in my case)...

there are plenty of examples as far as I can recall though I have no idea where are they exactly in the conversions sub-thread...

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I’ve seen a few posts of folks who have done it. But honestly they all looked pretty bad. The Ogres are so fat, they look top-heavy to the point of being silly. And then there is all the conversion work on top of that (which usually doesn’t help the issue unless you have amazing green-stuff skillz). If you’re going for a fun, comical theme for your army and don’t really care too much, go ahead! Because conversions are always fun. But if you’re going for a more Warhammery-feel to your army, I’d shy away from the idea.


I used orc boar boyz (the boar) and black orc bodies, arms, and heads without putting the head on the boar and carving some of the body off I was able to fit the black orcs body on then I green stuffed armour over most of the body leaving its legs and belly exposed last I added a beard under the helm of the black orc The body fits a 50x50 base great but leaves a little bit of a space on a 50x75 base


  • I don’t really like the Forgeworld BC, they’re too big and too expensive.

    - I already have the Chaos steed, so even if they idea of using the orc boar is good, I still have this figs to use.

    If the ogres are too fat, what might be used instead ? Black orcs, ok, but is there other alternatives ? I saw people using chaos dwarfs or marauders but both looks too small and thin for the steed.

    I’m looking for something realistic.


what you could do is cut the steed and use plasticard/greenstuf to make it ‘‘fatter’’. I remember somebody here did it, think it was grimstonefire… it looked very good imo.

Bad Gram Northern:

... If you're going for a fun, comical theme for your army and don't really care too much, go ahead!  

Grimbold Blackhammer
What's the difference between this

... But if you're going for a more Warhammery-feel to your army, I'd shy away from the idea.

Grimbold Blackhammer
and this?

Bad Gram Northern:

btw to answer the original poster’s question, the plastic dragon ogres work really well as torsos, in fact you could make do with only those dragon ogres if you shorten their tails and give them hooves. Even for the most inexperienced green stuff sculpter hooves should be really easy to pull off. I woud also suggest giving the bull part a bigger bellie

If I didn’t allready have my own bull centaurs I would be happy to try it out for you (yes, I like my own idea that much :wink: )

Goltor Lintrepide:

I think I found some theads that could interest you :

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