[Archive] Ideas for the Mantic Extra


I need some ideas for:-

The Dwarf on his back

The attack dog

The dwarf on his back I had considered using him for scenery as he has no back to show. OR possibly one of Tommy’s rock mages - but i have about 12 of them.

The attack dog i had considered making into hob goblin wolf riders, but they are really small - but still might be cool to do, maybe two on a base?


Any chance you can use the Dwarf on his back as a statue against a wall? If you’ve got so many of them you could do multiple variations along a building, some crumbling, maybe a hobgoblin slave chiselling one out, some with vines over them, then several normal ones… maybe even on that’s tilted on an angle missing some of his legs as it melts into a lava flow :wink:

As for the dog, what about some small squigs? Alternatively, use a bunch and have one CD holding the leash of several of them in various leaping and snarling poses as they lunge for an enemy… could make a good slave unit filler :wink: If your GS skills are going OK you could try converting a dog into a regular Dwarf, make him mostly naked and scrawny and on a leash like I did for my Ensorcelled Dawi Slave unit :wink:



I like the idea of the carving, might be a cool idea for a bit of scenery.

Da Crusha:

how about mounting the dwarf on his back to the base and put a barrel of ale next to him, give him a stein and hes done. could make a nice unit filler. I would use the rest as statues. if you play at tournaments it might be a good idea to have a couple of guys on their backs as injured cd’s. you could then use them as objective markers.


Objective idea is cool.

‘go rescure the petrified sorcerer set in stone’


Damn, only thing from Mantic I have a cool idea for and he’s attached to a frickin’ sprue!

If anyone has one to trade let me know okay! :slight_smile:


Damn, only thing from Mantic I have a cool idea for and he's attached to a frickin' sprue!
If anyone has one to trade let me know okay! :)

I have a dozen of them, i'll trade practically anything.
Got any dwarf bucklers? :D


If not, I got a few as well - and you can have them for free.


Jup, got plenty of those! I’ll pm you tomorrow when I am at home! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Clam’s offer is even better! Sorry Nitro!