[Archive] Ideas needed for 'spare hand'


I’m about half way through sculpting a CD lord, but I’ve hit a stumbling block.

Although this would be a lot easier to explain with a WIP shot…  It would spoil the surprise! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I sculpted him to have the classic ‘holding a great weapon in 2 hands’ pose, with one arm sculpted onto the body and the other raised up.  I decided though that it was unimaginative really, so I’ve decided to do the axe sitting on the base (blade down).

This leaves me with the other hand spare not holding anything.

The model is an updated version of ‘The Slaughterer’ (my avatar), so I was wondering about a severed head?  Perhaps holding a dwarf beard with the skull hanging lower down?

It is a pretty impressive model at the moment I think, by my standards anyway, and I’m sure troll forged will want it.


Severed head could work, or a pointing hand, an outstretched arm + grapsing hand ( “Git over here!”), perhaps a second handweapon? Or you could go for a shield (talk about unimaginative :P)


what about a gun?

a throwing hammer/axe?

hand on top of a walking stick?

…really left field…a whip?


I think a severed head of a dwarf held aloft by his beard or maybe a small sacrificial blade.


A human skull adorned with gem stones would be pretty awesome.


OOOoooooh, what about a hook with a dwarfs head on it?

(sorry I’m watching SawVII - my mind is on the darker side of normal)


A dwarf head with a big hook into its nose… or a big ass whip.

any way i’m sure it will look good Grim, any chance for it to be cast in resin and maybe sold?


Hopefully it will be cast.

It’s probably going to be a one piece sculpt, my favourite kind.

Something I will need feedback one once I put up WIP shots is whether to add horns to his helmet or not.  I’ve got the wire in place either side but I’m not sure.

Carved the axe 3 times and still not happy. :(  It’s hard work getting it looking decent being so big (trying to aim for a similar size to the one in my avatar).

He’s currently about 2mm too tall, which I should be able to correct.

Waste Rider:

Hopefully it will be cast.

Second this, especially if its available from TF minis :D Unsure of how your progressing on the off-hand, current avatar looks great
so I'm expecting you to put out a serious high caliber CD original. My suggestion for the sculpt would be axe as described on one hand and the other holding aloft a series of chains with shackled hands severed from slaves, heads suspended from the jaw on hooks with tongues dangling out and all sorts of gore... thats what I picture when I hear "Slaughterer" anyway.

BTW, thanks for citing the fluff; nothing like getting sucked into hell, seems to change a man


I like the skull idea - maybe with runes etched into it and smoldering eyes? Or some kind of CD-specific magical icon?


Another idea: if one arm is hodlin g the blade sitting down that means you can concentrate on the other arm. Why do not pose him watching his enemy and pointing the arm holding an amulet. I love simple spheres as amulets or magic items (for freehands :wink: ). Maybe a flaming sphere? If you want something more complex than a sphere why not a small (opened or closed) jewelry case? This could be a nice excuse to give him some keys on the belt…

I’m longing to see the sculpt!


I went in the end for the blade up, as it was proving too hard trying to sculpt a decent looking double headed axe that would sit nicely on the base.

I also decided on the dwarf head, holding beard. But I liked the idea of the slaves hand, so I put one on his axe.

I may be able to work a few more trophies in here and there, or a torturing tool maybe.

Pics here: