[Archive] Identity Crisis


I’ll be using my just-finished Cannibal Ogres for this campaign, as I’ve just finished them and want to give them a good, six-week whirl.

However, for fluff-posting purposes I’m still Overlord Zharkon Revlid, head of a Chaos Dwarf Expeditionary Force.

However, due to our alliance, I have to sign up as Orcs and Goblins.

So for this campaign I’m an Ogre Player pretending to be a Chaos Dwarf Player pretending to be a Greenskin Player.

Confusing. :cheers


Wow thats kinda sad how the hell do you mix up ogres for chaos dwarfs for goblins.

On another note I’m playing as OnG my fuff is they trade there bad fighting regments for more better fighting units aka slave miners.Haha my leaders name is stunty smasha he probly won’t tell the CD his real name.


Heck, as long as it mentions Chaos Dwarfs you can fight with Tomb Kings :slight_smile: