[Archive] Idiot drunk driver = no car


Well, I was driving into the city yesterday for a coffee and what do I see? An idiot driver screaming around the corner and straight into the drivers corner of my car.

He hopped out of his car and ran off, my car is not worth fixing, and now I’ll be sans car for the next 2-3 months (i’ll be away for work in a week, so I won’t get a new one till I’m back).

So, the cops came, checked out the other guys car, which was reeking of grog, and they helped me out as much as they could.

I’m not really an angry guy, but its hard to be all zen about this


That really sucks! Sorry to hear about your car man, what kind was it (even if not worth fixing).

My 88 Mustang was a total rust bucket but i loved it just the same, that is until a woman with baby in tow rear ended a fully stopped at a red light me… going like 65kph! My mustang was all metal and her poor plastic car got its front end obliterated, my car body was barely touched, but it did some damage to the unders (the slamming of the break tilted her front end down and it wedges under my car as its tin foil front collapsed.

Anyways, I can relate, but yeah… sucks.


Hope they get him mate! Sorry to hear about your car.


Consider yourself lucky. A couple of kids with no license went for a joyride in someone else’s car and killed a pedestrian about a block away from my place. Trying to escape from the scene of the crime, the idiot behind the wheel went on the wrong side of the road and wedged the vehicle firmly between two other cars.

I think they should execute people like him.



some drunk driver did an emergency stop on the m1 a few years back, despite there being nothing in front of him. this ended up causing a big pile up, turning my car into an accordion. all he had was a cracked rear light and he drove off before the police showed up. this was a very big pain in the arse especially because it was about 4 days before christmas and we ha to get to the mother in laws and sort everything out before the holidays so we could get back!

the main thing is at least your fine, and eventually the insurance will pay out!

Kera foehunter:

well sweety sorry to here that… But if you are about zen !! something will replace your losses!!!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I hope they get the dude. It’s a shame you have to suffer for his moronicity. Still, it’s good to hear that you’re not completely angry and can be calm about it. I doubt anyone would be zen about it.


Thanks all.

@Vexx - My car was an old carolla, so you were in a far worse boat than me, but she was good to me

@angryboy - I certainly do consider myself lucky, and the thing I’m happiest about is that the kid who rode past not ever a minute later wasn’t hit.

My mates at work are being pretty cool about it, helping me out where I can. Unfortunately, I live in the type of town where you really need a car to get around. But I’m borrowing a push bike for the week so now I’ll get uber fit… maybe.



wowza Narflung… that’s scary! but I think you handled it waaaaaaay better than I would’ve… despite not being a person who runs anywhere, I may have chased him down. I hear all sorts of scary stories now 'cause my best friend is a cop and geez, it makes you not want to go out in the world when you realise what’s out there.

the main thing is you’re safe. phew! :slight_smile:


Full of admiration for you for dealing with this so well. The cycling is indeed a bright side. A while back we had a petrol crisis in the UK. I started walking, cycling or running everywhere and it got me into great shape. I haven’t stopped since, and I save a fortune on petrol/busses/taxis compared to my friends who’ve all gone out and bought cars. Who knows, before long you might not want a car again