[Archive] If these were just a touch bigger

Thommy H:

Coming soon from Dark Age games.

They’re man-size, but since K’Daai only have two Wounds, I think you could just about get away with sticking them on a 40mm square base anyway.


Oh those look superb. I agree with you, for normal K’daai you could get away with that!


I agree; those are wonderful!


they look great good find


Wow I love these, good find! they would work very well indeed (:


they would work very well but they llok like tyranids to me lol


would work very well indeed, they look the part and just upsize the base


These will get me in truoble with the wife,Already spent to much this year


Not really seeing the appeal at all.

Far too sci-fi - unless I`m really missing something on the angle, they are basically just Alien/Tyranid/Zerg.

Not really getting the bound fire daemon vibe from them.


I like them, I suspect with a fiery paint job they’d look the part. Yes they look a little on the small side, but the rocky part at the base could be expanding outwards and modelled in the base to make them look like they’re bursting out of the ground.

Notice they’re released in blue resin, if they also did orange, they wouldn’t even need painting!


There’s also this: http://www.maelstromgames.co.uk/index.php?act=pro&pre=dag_dag_dic_ele_102_000

Really great miniatures! Good find!


They just look a bit too much like aliens to me.