[Archive] If ya ain't got Guts, ya ain't gettin' Gold - (OK/TK/CD/misc blog)


I was recently sent over here from WarSeer, and I must say this forum is amazing.

Anyway, a month ago I started my blog No Guts, No Gold and I really enjoy blogging. I’m a little slow, mind you, but quality over quantity, right?

It started out as a way for me to get motivated to create my newly started Ogre Kingdoms army and to keep on working on my Tomb Kings army which had received a much needed revitalizing boost.

I quickly realized I would probably need to include all my hobby projects since I’m a slow modeller/painter because I am so busy with university and running two jobs.

Hence I decided to ask the online community for help and support! My blog is mainly about My Ogre Kingdoms, Tomb Kings and newly acquired Mantic Games Abyssal Dwarfs, though my Warlord Reptus, Warmachine Khador and Hordes Blindwater Congregation, as well as my 40k Chaos Space Marines (mainly my small Forgeworld force).

I am currently blogging about the Mantic Games’ excellent Abyssal Dwarfs. I won’t spoil the fun, so come on over and check it out!

In addition, if you ask to see specific miniatures in detal or ask me to paint a specific model or part of my army I will try my very best to grant you your wish. This will also help motivating me! So please, come on over, become a reader, take part in this project, help me out. The gods know I won’t get anything done on my own.

Kind regards,

Steffen Wifstrand