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Grimbold Blackhammer:

According to Tamurkhan Chaos Dwarves have greyish skin. I’ve messed around with some different formulas but I haven’t found a recipe I like so far. Does anyone have any recipes/pictures to share?

Grimbold Blackhammer


sorry but no from me. I didn’t like the idea so I ain’t following that part of their fluff. So far I haven’t seen anyone doing it in the painted models that have been posted.


I also like my dwarfs in skintone, but what u could do is take a color like tanned flesh and for the highlights mix that color with a greytone more and more, until u end up with a almost pure grey last highlight.

The skin will look greyish, maybe wash this with a “glaze” made from a grey tone.

here a link with some furture “elfs” ^^ but they show some nice grey tones there:


Hope this helps.




I’ve been messing around with this (search my threads).

I liked:

Dark grey

Black wash

Light grey

Highlight lighter grey/white

Black beards are awkward afterwards, lol.

Luckily It’s only warmachine crew that don’t wear masks in my throng.

That sounds rude…