[Archive] Illustrations of the Industrial Revolution (2017 Image Salvage)



Industrial revolution machinery and hardship is a strong source of inspiration for the ingeniously demented Chaos Dwarfs, those great mechanics, slavers, madmen and visonaries alike. As such illustrations of the 1800s (mainly contemporary material from that century) was a given for image salvage. Most stuff concerning technical matters, economic production and misery have been included. A scattering of older prints may be found where 19th century illustrations were scarce, or where it was relevant as a point of origin for the developing technologies.

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For the Blacksmiths of Chaos, artistic depictions of the 19th century is an obvious reference point, but online it is something of an endangered treasure. Photohosting website troubles aside, there is a rising plague of stockphoto/shutterstock images, which effectively defiles shared artworks by placing a watermark splat right in the middle. Better salvage now rather than later.

We should imagine the polluted nightmare realm of the Dawi Zharr as a bustling and industrious place, filled with labour, harshness, great works and inventions. A hell with a pulse. At the same time crude and groundbreaking, it is a dark empire filled with productivity and life. A hard life, but a life nevertheless, with endless suffering and death all around among the toiling slaves and filthy pack animals who eke out a living amid the rumbling din of uncaring machines.

And now, witness an epoch of coal and steel, of ash and soot, of blood, sweat and tears, where the beating rhythm of the machines shaped mortal lives amid lifelong toil. It was a time of upheaval, a time of ingenuity, a time of brilliance and suffering.

A time in flames.

Burning, with the fires of industry.


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