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Da Crusha:

Hey guys I just wanted to let people know I’m back, it’s been 2 years since my last login and I think a year before that my last post. I lost my love for the game when aos came out but now I’m playing kings of war and I’m sure I’ll be more active on here. :smiley:

Fuggit Khan:

Welcome back :hat off

I always liked your pragmatic take on tactics, so it’s good to see you back here again.

After playing three games of AoS (which bored me to tears) I switched to Kings of War permanently and have enjoyed it immensely.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing your lists/tactics/feedback for KoW :cheers


Fine that you’re back again! :cheers

Hopefully we will see some new stuff! :wink:



Hello again. and good creating and playing


Welcome back! Its always nice too see familiar faces return :hat off


Hello for the first time, and welcome back. There are a growing number of KoW players here, myself included. Haven’t played WHFB since 7th ed, and am unlikely to go back at this point. Don’t miss the 4,216 separate rules to memorize, or the 5 hour games. Cheers and welcome!

Da Crusha:

Thanks guys, it’s good to be back


From a fellow recent returnee, welcome back!!