[Archive] I'm just a little scared!?

Warlord Skrit:

So I have been playing warhammer for a little over a year now, and I’ve been looking at CD for a while now.  I usually play as Skaven and now I feel it is time for something a little different, a little more creative.

So I was drawn to chaos dwarfs because at heart I’m an artillery kind of guy and I just love the massive amout of firepower the CD’s have.

So I did some research and I am going to buy Battle for Skull pass.  Unfortunatlly my brother wants to start a green skin army so I don’t get the green skins, but this way it’s cheaper and I get the dwarfs.

I really have no experience in modeling and using Green Stuff but I am willing to try and learn.  Do you more experienced players have any advice on where to go from here, how to start my army, and how to make it look good.  

Like I said I really like CD but the task of making the army just looks a bit difficult.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreceated.:cheers


there are many threads with exactly what you are looking for. I think we have no less than 14 people who have done tutorials on how to change the stock starter set dwarfs into chaos dwarfs.


This may be a good starting point:


Check out some of the pics here as well



First welcome to the site Warlord Skrit good to have you with us , grim has just posted up the links on how to convert the BFSP models in to cd, these are some really great guides, but if you feel that converting a whole army is a bit to much, just painting your dwarfs in a different way to make them look darker than their westen kin and some very simple conversions on certain models can make a great force, for an example making blunderbuss can be as easy as attaching a shield to the end of the standard dwarf handgun and there you go one blunderbuss with minimal converting work which also gives a great effect :slight_smile:

Warlord Skrit:

Hey thanks for the adivice I’ll look into that. If I have anymore questions I’ll let you know.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

My best advice I can give you is “just try it!” - most of the conversion work turns out easier than expected once you try your luck with one or two test models. The biggest obstacle is to get oneself to start the work LOL

Kera foehunter:

Well there are two way to go !! simple converions like chaos warrior helmets

or make simple mask out of green stuff

i think if you can look for grey stuff it comes from gale force 9 it easy to work with

less sticky and is more forgiving than green stuff… But Green stuff is not as bad as you think !!

What to do is start with small after a couple of times you get the feel…