[Archive] Impact minis 24 hr sale 50% off minis

Da Crusha:

Heres the link:

Impact! - 5 year Anniversary sale - 24 hours only - Talk Fantasy Football

if you can’t read it, here is what it says:

Thank you to everyone who has been a loyal customers. April 24th marks Impact! being open for 5 years!

Our incredible customers have help us hit this milestone that many business never reach.

To say thank you we are running a sale just during Impact! birthday for April 24th. From 12:01 AM April 24th to 12:01 AM April 25 for GMT-5

To celebrate the big 5 … here is what is happening just for today.

50% off any single figure that Impact! produces

5% off anything else in the store

Please note the prices in the store are already adjusted for the sale!

Again … many thanks to everyone who helped us reach this point.

Tom Anders

Impact! Miniatures


If you guys are interested in getting some bull centaurs at 50% off now is your chance!

Impact! Miniatures


are you sure they are adjusted on their page, looks like about £27 per team.

edit… scratch that, I just looked how much a BB team is on GWs site, they were about £20 last I looked, they are now £41???


The 50% only apply to “single figures” - not to the team deals - so some of them might be deals picked up individually. Might be time for getting a Fimir BB player :), though a single figure is rather expensive picking up.

Da Crusha:

I bought a whole bunch of the gnome contraption models they were only $3 or so and are ogre size models.

the sale is for single figs only that are produced by Impactminiatures not other manufacturers.


But a 5% discount applys to everything else. Its awesome, just spent £70 myself. Ther chaos dwarfs are ok and the CD ‘brick’ is a good sculpt. The mechanical bull centaurs are only £5 as well! Nom, nom, nom savings. I recomend the sacros. £1.55 a mini is awesome, suck it wyrd. £5 for a chihauhau is to much XD

Da Crusha:

so did any one pick up any bull centaurs?


picks up list Right here we go cough=

Gnome contraption Skull walker

‘’ Skull Chicken

‘’ Buff walker

‘’ Squat

‘’ Speciality arms

‘’ Skull squat

Gnome #2

‘’ head coach

‘’ #8

‘’ #1

Halfling hot dog vendor

Yorkers fling set

Hacker slasher

Deadling chef books

Theja doris arms

Shoulderpads 1 -> 16

Middle kingdom hands

Lucy cheerleader #1

Saltwater croc #4

‘’ #3 x2

‘’ #2 x2

‘’ #1

Baby croc #2 x2

‘’ #4

‘’ #3 x2

‘’ #1


Pumpkin queen

Giant pumpkin big grin

£66.04 + p&p

Da Crusha:

pretty sweet list. I bought most of the contraptions and some gnomes too. and the 1-16 shoulder pads, one of the crocs and the anubis throw Ra. would’ve loved to have spent more but I’m on a budget.


How can anyone resist the gnomes at that price? So many conversion ideas and they make great warmachines in fantasy armys.