[Archive] Imperial Armour 9 - from games day


I could just load up some pics here, but here is a post with all the miniatures I’m aware have been revealed so far:


Seeing as I doubt FW would release fantasy and 40k stuff to compete with each other, it seems unlikely to be any sort of fantasy book this year, but potentially IA #10 before the end of the year, or early next year.

Gar Shadowfame:

bretonian art?

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Looks fairly ancient. I know john blanche’s style doesn’t really change, but that’s got to be fairly old.

Gar Shadowfame:

its described as “new” i wonder if FW wil produce something bretonian

Thommy H:

That’s new Bretonnian art - I’ve been collecting them since 5th Edition and I’ve never seen anything like that. I’m not sure what those knights are riding, but the new rulebook mentions “Demigryphs” (albeit for Imperial knights) so it could be something to do with that?

Hashut’s Blessing:

I believe that there have been demigryph models before, although not named as such, nor with special rules, they were just mutant-horses type mounts for something…

Could be making it up, but I remember them ^^


From warseer, via dakka

Forge World seminar

IA:9 will be Badab War part 1(the book should released sometime next month)

9 chapters will be featured in the first book

12 new Space Marine characters will be in the book (some of them will be getting models)

New transfer sheets and Etched Brass

New rules for boarding actions

IA:10 will be Badab War part 2 (their hoping to have it out by November �?"December)

The rest of the chapters (including the Space Sharks) to take part in the Badab War will be featured.

New Space Marine characters

New Space Marine siege army list

New rules for BFG (a small chance of a new model or 2, but unlikely)

IA:11 will be Eldar vs. Space Wolves, Cadians, and Elysians

Set to take place on an Ice World

Phantom Titan due out this year (maybe)

No solid info on what the Eldar will be getting, but we do know of small light skimmer, troop upgrade kits, and more then likely a super heavy

No news of what the Woves or guard will be getting.


Are we sure that’s Bretonian artwork? Looks more Imperial to me and it would certainly make sense for them to try and add a more ‘fantasy’ element to the game’s main human army

Thommy H:

I thought the same thing, but note what appears to be a Damsel in the foreground, all the heraldry, the unicorn iconography and the general lack of anything huge and steampunk. I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be Bretonnia, but brought up to date with the most recent insane Warhammer stuff. Feudalpunk? Knightpunk? Suggestions on a postcard please.


Feudalpunk sounds good! Could we have started something here?



A reprint of IA:1 (with updated rules) due out sometime next year.

IA: Masterclass vol. 2, out some time next year


I’m interested by the Bretonnian art it seem they have a Trojan horse and air ships.


Personally I’d rather the Bretonians stayed all Arthurian with maybe some extra ‘noble mosters’ like the pegasus knights and the Empire got the Steam Punk bits. It just helps to make them more distinct.