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A couple of years ago I printed out pictures of some Warhammer buildings from GW’s web pages. They all struck me as well executed and evocative, so I thought I’d try and do my own version of the one building which I thought I could build without making a mess of things. I have since been unable to find those web pages in their entirety, however I have learned that the buildings were all made by GW/Citadel veteran and design guru Dave Andrews. Good man!

The project ran on and off for about a year (i.e. it saw lots of shelf time) but recently I finished the structure from foam card, balsa wood, paper and plastic sheets, and what then remained was the paint job, weathering and basing. Which shouldn’t take too long, as the assembly was the time-consuming bit…

The finished building before its basecoat and paint job:

Then after some air- and drybrushing I am nearing completion; just a few details remaining, such as window details and some reinforcement of the wooden tower and a banner pole perhaps:

When the guard house is all finished I could imagine having a go at the single coolest Warhammer building of all time (also an D. Andrews creation); the Boat House:


Then again, maybe not.

Martin :slight_smile:


Absolutely fantastic! I’m always in awe of anyone who makes terrain pieces… It’s something I always mean to try myself but never get round to. Have you ever thought about making a terrain guide blog for all us novices?


A small update; finally got some end beams for the roof in place (not yet drybrushed). Will also glue some suitably baroque and decorative pieces onto the ends of the ridge as this is a Warhammer building after all…

@Vulcan: thanks, might try to make a tutorial when I embark on my new project. Hopefully it won’t turn out rubbish :wink:


It gorgeous mate, much better than the ones i used to make with cardboard polyfiller and card for the roof tiles.

Great work! I’d be tempted to make your tiles darker though, slate is normally pretty dark grey and it would distinguish them from the wall rock type of rock.