[Archive] Imperial Guard Deathstrike Missile Launcher Conversion


I just started work on an Imperial Guard Deathstrike Missile Launcher Conversion. You can see my youTube video here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Using a Military Playset, I will create an Imperial Guard Deathstrike Missile Launcher Conversion. Here is a refrence image for Epic version of this vehicle: http://ca.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.ca?do=Individual&code=99060305033&orignav=300808
The Playset is made by Boley. And I managed to find a picture of it online at Boley’s excellent website: Boley | The Official Boley® Store - Toys & Games: Baby, Toddler & Kids – Boley Store

Does anyone have any pictures of a converted Deathstrike? I wouldn’t mind a bit more source material to work from.

:hat off

I have had an inkling to do this for many years, and I figure I will probably sell it once I have finished converting it.

Apocalypse! :mask


Xander kicks butt yet again with another video conversion guide! :hat off:


lol not much of a guide just you playing with your rockets!

i can see that those bits will fit nicely onto the back of a chimera style chassis. i wonder if forgeworld have done one of those yet?


They haven’t. But they have done most other things.


That’s a cool link, it has a couple Converted Deathstrikes.


Part 2 of the video series is now online. I am also taking pictures as I go which I will compile when I am done.

Comments and suggestions welcome. Smile


Part 3!