[Archive] Imperial Knight


Heres a quick shot of the 40k Knight I have been working on this weekend.

Still a way to go but it gives you the idea. Should look great alongside my Warp Runners titan force.


WOW - that’s an awesome titan!

I owned a copy of the game ‘Adeptus Titanicus’ many many years ago, and have loved the ideas presented in the rulebook ever since. The’s one line about the ‘…dreaded psi-titans…’ that has always made me wonder what those would look like.

Keep up the good work!


Awesome work dude, is it a scratch build? Any chance of a pic with a marine for perspective?


drools Awesomsauce. Great work.


Hi its a combo of scratch build parts and a couple of FW bits. A guy over on Warseer made it.

I’ll sort a comparison pic.


I always loved the backgorund of knights! The carapace looklike a chaos impaler’s carapace (dunno remember the name… the chaos demon machines in siege of Vrak books…).


well done Bassman, the carapace is a FW blood slaughterer.


Progress, is now at a fieldable level, I still need to tidy up add more detail and add symbols.


Cool, looks great! :slight_smile: