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I’m in need of mutation sprues from the chaos soldiers in 40k and if in fantasy that too. Main item from it would be the arms that have the skull on the shoulder on them like the ones shown in xar’s vid of how to make a dwarf into a chaos dwarf.

I live in the USA west area and I don’t use a paypal account but I can send the money to the person dirrectlly though the mail the price of them I will pay right now problly $1.00US per arm to problly $1.50US. depending on howmany ya got and such.

Let me know and I will see when we can do a deal here.

(note… I would like a reply in here not in private messages… Thanks)



You can get certain sprues in a decent quantity on ebay most of the time.



I was able to get about 50 shoulders from the chaos sprue due to local and net findings from friends. So I doubt I need anymore of them. =o

Although… I am in need of zombie bits and guardsmen bits (making 40k zombies)