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From this week’s news letter

Hi there,

In this week�?Ts newsletter we are continuing the flaming theme with the second of our Incarnate Elementals �?" that of Fire. We also have a reminder that there�?Ts still time to place a reservation order for Games Day UK, and we are now accepting reservation orders for Games Day Italy as well.

Incarnate Elemental of Fire

The wind of Aqshy is one of the most destructive of the winds of magic; all consuming and insatiably hungry it is comprised purely of fire and blazing heat. The Incarnate Elemental that is born of it embodies this terrible wrath, known in the lore and legend of the Empire as the Charred One, Jack O�?TCinders or the Black Harvestman.

Summoned within a colossal pyre, the Incarnate Elemental of Fire towers over the battlefield. Its lean and terrible form, cinder-black and ash-strewn, radiates phenomenal heat and is capable of unleashing a firestorm that none can withstand. Whispered tales still tell of the wrath of the Bright College who unleashed this unmerciful horror upon the towns and villages of rival factions during the fratricidal wars that wracked the Empire in ages past.

The Incarnate Elemental of Fire is a multi-part resin model designed by Steve Whitehead. This incredibly detailed miniature stands an impressive 6" (150 mm) tall, and makes a suitably imposing centrepiece for any Warhammer army. Rules for this magical creature can be found in Monstrous Arcanum, and it is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 28th September.

The Incarnate Elemental of Fire will also be on sale on the Forge World stand at Games Day UK on Sunday 23rd September in limited numbers.

And the link to the pictures.


Now that’s pretty big :slight_smile:




That’s one hell of a fugly model …


… this better not be the model FW intends for us to double up as a destroyer…


...... this better not be the model FW intends for us to double up as a destroyer...

I don't think so but it is being sculpted by Steve Whitehead as well.

My first impression was that looks good but the more I study the pictures the less I like this one. I'm not feeling the elemental models so far.




I’m not a big fan… and that’s putting it lightly.


GW seem to have history of difficulty with making fire elementals. I think this Incarnate Elemental of Fire is about as unfitting for its purposed role as this ol’ Fire Elemental (leftmost, besides the very good elemental models): http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat500025a&prodId=prod1140125

At least the K’daai Fireborn were good. :slight_smile:

Anyhow, that FW model will still be fine for a Tzeentch or Chaos Undivided Daemon Prince, Greater Daemon or just random daemonic monstrosity.


Ugh just got the news letter myself… what a load of… ugh… No offence to anyone but it reminds me of an Staving African Village Elder being so thin and frail.


Looks like a mad biblical prophet. On fire.

Singleton Mosby:

Really big feet and the legs are long stilts. Not mine. Thanks.


P.S.: funny comment from warseer: "Is that a K'daai Destroyer?"



It’s just a giant with fire on it, it’s not a fire elemental. The Beast elemental made sense to be a big creature, but this doesn’t. It should have been more like the k’daai for a better but boring approach.

I thought I’d see at least one person saying how amazing it is, that is what usually happens when I get a meh-urgh reaction from a FW model.


I actually REALLY like the model. The feet are meh, but the rest is awesome. I don’t have any possible use for it though as I don’t play SoM and it isn’t very appropriate for any conversions I can think of off the top of my head, but it’s pretty. And I agree with nilbog’s comment, but I happen to think that’s a good thing!


I also thought it was quite cool. Really have that Roman god kind of vibe to it. :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Just opened this from my e-mail, lol. Looked at it and thought it looked like a mini-mal-nourished bone-grinder, but all I could think was - what’ going on with the annoying splodges under the feet? I genuinely haven;t looked at the rest of the model yet. Probably won’t bother either.

I’ve always hated the “splodges under the feet” look, which many might remember with old pewter models and be fond - to me, it breaks my suspense of disbelief (as far as I have one in such a case). Despise it.


butt.  ugly.

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I like the top half thats about it.


It has a nice face, enough said.


Disregarding the price they could have oriented themselves on such a nice alternative by Pegaso (perhaps not suitable for the kids oriented marketing strategy?).

Wouldn`t that be an eye catcher as destroyer? And it is 20 cm.

Thommy H:


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Someone suggested on warseer chopping it off at the knees and having it rising out of the ground as a destroyer. Not a bad idea actually.

It does look like the long legs were added as an afterthought to make it taller.


Hmm… Well, they get plus-points for thinking out of the box. It’s not just a giant blob of living flame, that’s good. The upper half does make for an interesting model, especially the head transfers a clear otherworldly image.

Some parts of the model just seem poorly sculpted however, most notably the feet seem not only strangely proportioned, but also lacking in definition. I can understand the odd proportions, because that converses a certain overall image.

Overall I applaud the release. It’s an out-of-the-ordinary model, which is what Forge World should be doing in my opinion. The flip side is that such models will stir up stronger reactions: you hate it or you love it.

I bet a nicely painted one will always be able to draw attention. That’s cool.