[Archive] INCOMING! Dawi Zharr rising! Group shot of the WIP mess


Hey all,

Im new to this board and after some time of reading your impressive threads its time to start for me:hat off.<br><br>Im just launching my CDs and some miniatures are still on the postal way.

Anyway theres enough to paint.

The army will consist of an Great Taurus Lord,

one on a Lammasu,

~7 Bull Centaurs

bout 40 Warriors (Plastic)

I aim for 3 blocks of 15 Blunderbussiers (need about 10 more models)

20 hobbo archers( old night goblins)

~ 40 hobbo nakkidz for all purpose

10 Black Orks

10 wolf riders to shield and support

Death Rocket, some Spearchuckerz and the BFG:cheers

I have some problems with my Plastic CDs, cause some of them have too much paint from former ownerz on them;) my other problem, which is far bigger, is my lack of green stuff for some convertions… i try to fix that…

first pics arr from some very WIP Blunderbusserz,

some hobbo wolfs

and the start of my war machines.

sorry for the bad quality.



nice blunderbusses!

i like the mix of purple and yellow.


Looks good, like the colors of your blunderbusses! :slight_smile:


thx. Im really sorry for the bad pictures... <br><br>golden yellow / violet red will be the armys sheme.<br><br>but i dont know which colour i should use for thei beards… I was thinking of white…

and theres the decision between my noob nmm & some real metallics.



Great start!

Nice colour scheme!

Also like the golden/violet colours!

All in all for the beginning a very impressive army !


Kera foehunter:

i love the yellow and purple !! nice paint job too love your wolf guys


Thank you for the nice comments. They give me a really big push.

Now Im really confirmed about the colours. <br><br>Since CDs dontt get any love from GW, their beards have become grey and white :s

the guys armor will get a decent wash with smoke and then a violetred highlight again.



Awesome welcome aboard.

black hammer:

I like the rocket. It reminds me of like a fruity flavor cany cane.


Welcome to the site Beardroller, good start to your army like the look of the model and the paint scheme, with the model that have to much paint try this


Belive me it really does work i have tried it on CD models and they come up good as new :slight_smile:


Ahh, the Dettol tip!

I was quite curious about it and had a chat about it(or a substitute I can get here in Austria) with my mother. She doesnt know where to get Dettol here but we came to the decision that maybe the alcohol in it could remove the paint.

I will try to clean one plastic warrior with the desinfection liquid I have at home. If this will not work, I get some Dettol via ebay!

(edit: maybe it`s the pine oil in Dettol… but i will give the desinfection i own a try!)

Thanx a lot for the reminder:cheers



Purple and yellow? :slight_smile:

Good idea :slight_smile:


Pine oil removes paint indeed. I use a brand of green soap with pine oil to clean my models.

Not as good results as I’ve seen with Dettol, but it’s probably because this is less concentrated.


I started with my BullCentaurs:hat

I wanted them to look a bit “classic”.

They are still Wip, faces not done yet… I should have started with them…

Im not sure with the basing. First I thought of some lava style. I had some bases ready but it was a color overkill.. so I decided to go with the grey/camo green &amp; some scorched grass standard look.<br><br>warriors just got some base colors.. <br><br>&amp; the spearchukker crews still need some details..<br><br>how do you like the two gobbos that cantt afford proper hats & use mushrooms instead?

…and I tried a third color on a warlock.



so my last little fellowers appeared in my letter box.

I hope i will find some time during the holidays & bring them all a bit further;)


Army is really starting to come together now great work :slight_smile:

Border Reiver:

Really nice work - the coloured armour looks good. The skin could use a little highlighting, but otherwise this is a really nice looking army.



thx for pushing me… tbh I do this armyin a really stupid way and nota single mini is finished yet… the are all wip :|.

normally i do the faces ( i hate most - i was considering to mask `em all :wink: first.

but in this case everything hast to get some violet red first;))