[Archive] Inconvenienced Dwarf



I have found this amongst my piles of old minis. Anyone know anything about it? Is it rare? I’ve never seen another.

Wheres Clam when you need him?


lol - I’m right here, my friend.

Ahh! a dwarf for the GW toilet period. No special story about this, I’m affraid - it’s just Aly M having fun. A few limited edition toilet models were made around 1988-89 - like this one, the chaos toilet and the up the wall gang. But they are awesome dont you think?

It’s rare and OOP but not ‘extremly rare’ or something like that. Think you’ll be able to pick it up at eBay for something like £10-12. And this little guy show his face (or should I say a**) one og two times a month at ebay (uk).


Clam, once again you are on the ball.

Cheers mate, worth about a tenner eh? Reckon I’ll just keep him then, might make an amusing NPC in a game of Advanced Heroquest.


Yes, you should keep him - these models (from the time where GW was all about the hobby) are some of the best.

And if you need an idea how to use him in you army - look what Vintagephreak planed to do with his - lol:


haha “throne-bearers”?


JA JAJAJA very good the image. :smiley: