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Hi all, we are planning on updating the Indy GT book to bring it in line with the upcoming 8th edition. Instead of simply releasing a separate errata as GW will do for the other armies, we will instead update the actual army book to a new 2.0 version. So, with that in mind, we wanted to collect any feedback people have on the current book�?"based on actual games played.

We are NOT looking to make any major changes, like add new units, etc. But if there are rules imbalances you would like to see addressed, points values, etc, post them here. We will be starting similar threads on other message boards. Kevin, I, and a few others will then consider the feedback taken as a whole and make some decisions based on it.

We also need to have the current book proofread by a professional-type proofreader, so if you can help out there, shoot me a PM.

Thanks in advance!



To be honest I think you’d be better asking this after people play the list using 8th ed rules.

You can probably identify small inconsistencies in rules now, but things like points values, profile changes, slots etc you can only really change properly after people are using 8th rules. Even rules rulings may need to be changed after 8th.

Just a thought.


i believe you are correct. :hat off

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The new book should be at my local shop this week as to allow the staff to get familiar with it before they start running demo games. I’m hoping to get a sneak peak at it this week and get some games in sooner, rather then later.

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Matt I would love to help, but it depends on time. I am doing a Masters in History which requires an exceptionally high standard of writing and I can help with that aspect. But it is a two edge sword as it also makes me incredibly busy, so let me know after 8th ed. comes out when you want to get the ball rolling and I will let you know if I can help.



we’d be able to start the proofing now, as the main text will not be changing. So you’d have 3 months I suppose?


I can give you better pictures of my cds if you want (and maybe some new stuff)

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There is a couple of guys over at The Warhammer Forum that are actually editors. I know when the book was first released a couple of them ripped it apart for grammer/spelling issues.

Maybe throw up a post over there to see if anyone is interested in helping out.

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I’ve done a fair few pieces of artwork since the book, let me know if you want any new ones.


I think, out of everything in the DoC book, the only real problem I have is with Blunderbusses.

I realize that the reason you kept the pseudo-twelve inch fire zone is to retain the theme that Ravening Hordes put forth. That said, the rules set in DoC are a little counter-intuitive, and could really use a revamp come 8th edition.

As it stands, there is absolutely no reason to have more than a five wide frontage of Blunderbuss, under any circumstance. What should really be looked at, is combination of frontage and depth of the unit rather than simply the depth - which would give a sort of elegance to the Blunderbuss ruleset that it’s currently missing.

Mild criticism for a really incredible book, Matt. You two are amazing at what you do, and we all appreciate your work.

Thommy H:

I found the ability to simply fire in multiple ranks to be an elegant solution in my book. That way, you benefit both from frontage and from depth of formation, retaining what I consider to be the trademark ability of Blunderbusses: they’re the one missile unit in the game that is more effective in a combat formation than in a long line.

Da Crusha:

I dont think the rules need to be changed yet its too soon, 8th ed rules arent even out yet. and even if the rules for annihilators are really good against large blocks they still wont do well against lone monsters or heavy cavalry or fast cav with bows that stay out of range. how many times does GW release broken units and they never even make an attempt to fix them?


I dont think the rules need to be changed yet its too soon, 8th ed rules arent even out yet.
Yep, best to wait until the rules are out, its already stated further up.
how many times does GW release broken units and they never even make an attempt to fix them?
Well, they have print costs to consider, as well as the fact that once they change one thing, they'll have to change loads. The GT book has no production costs apart from the creators' time (not that we don't appreciate it :cheers ).

Uzkul Werit:

Looking at the FAQ thread in Chaos Dwarf discuission would be a good place to start.


As posted up elsewhere, a clarification on the Death Rocket doing single or D3 wounds wound be good.

I’ve got my own opinions on the kollossus, that seem to differ a bit from most people.

It’s a great book, well done guys. Pleased you’re looking at doing an update for 8th.




I liked it when Death Rockets could bounce in a random direction before impact. Had some great fun with that.

Also, does everything HAVE to be daemonic? I acknowledge it’s pretty fundamental, but back during the big daemon/hat rows on Hand of Hashut the solution devised was to have daemonic possession etc. as a purchasable upgrade for artillery pieces rather than standard. Made the list a bit more flexible for those you like their cannons to be cannons.

Uzkul Werit:

Clarification on Eruption Guns moving and shooting and if the Earthshaker effects flyingf moves is needed.


Oh, also: Dwarfs of Chaos? Why did you not call them Chaos Dwarfs? Dwarfs of Chaos sounds like Warriors of Chaos Lite: I’ve nothing against such fallen dwarfs existing, but they aren’t the nation and empire I think the book is meant to represent.

Da Crusha:

chaos dwarf overlord has Initiative 4 on pages 68 and 92 and initiative 3 on pg 25.
chaos dwarf overlord has Ballistic Skill 3 on pages 68 and 92 and ballistic skill 4 on pg 25.
death rocket crew has movement 4 on page 73 and movement 3 on pg 37.
Great Bull Centaur (Lord Choice) can carry either body armor or a shield but not both, while a Great Horn (hero level) can carry both, body armor AND a shield.
Pendant of Uzkulak pg 79 says “the bear” should say “the bearer”

Gar Shadowfame:

I’d say you gotta take a closer look into whole magic section to make it compatibile with new rules. Casting bound spell fireball on 5 dices with “loss of controll” will make magic completely vanish from small games, and big ones proly too.