[Archive] Infernal Dwarf Stories & Background Index [T9A]


[align=center]Infernal Dwarf Stories & Background Index

Light Against Darkness: Art by Mitchell Nolte[/align]

Infernal Dwarf Stories & Background

1. Uther’s T9A Stories (Uther the unhinged)

2. Disciple of Lugar Relief (Admiral)


Sunken Souls: Art by Admiral[/align]

Foreign Tales About Infernal Dwarves

1. Garuvebiz the Scorched (Admiral)

2. Light Against Darkness (Admiral)

3. Sunken Souls (Admiral)

4. The Infernal Dwarf Captain and the Stone Ship, by Karhemaq Telltongue (Admiral)

5. A Tale of Virentian Dwarfs


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