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Hi guys,

As you may know, I have a CD army, 1/2 with hats, 1/2 unconverted. So I am going to give hats to the infernal guard I have ATM, and masks/helmets to the rest. But, I was thinking that for non hat IG, could I use the old Chaos warrior bodies, bit shorten the legs and waist. Their head are in the right place for a chaos dwarf, and they are well armoured.

Here’s a similar idea that Thommy H has done for GH15 a while back:

So do you think it could easily be done for 30+ minis?




The conversion looks nice and easy to do, but…

Thommy H… you desecrating old sod!!! How dare you waste rackham bitz on inferior GW models!!! :smiley:


lol! :cheers

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I converted one of the models many years ago to a CD. Chop a chunk out of the arms between the shoulder pad and the elbow. It looks better.

I forget if I also cut some out of the wrist.

It is possible, but it is a lot of work and some of the legs will require a lot more work than others. Also, can you even buy these parts cheaper than FW IG?


eBay! 10 for a tenner may not be the cheapest, but you could get 30+ if buying from the right seller for less than the price of a FW pack of 10!

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What on earth are you on about HB??


I was saying 30 OOP CHAOS WARRIORS for less than the price of the FW CHAOS DWARFS.

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