[Archive] Infernal Guard w/ Great Weapons


Question: What do you think the best way is to convert an infernal guard model shown on FW to one with a great weapon?

Maybe the Bloodletter hellglaive? I did that to a unit of marauders of mine, but it might look a little silly on the infernal guard.

Note: my converting skills are very limited.

Thommy H:

Obviously it’ll depend on how many pieces the models come in - if they have separate arms, you could just shove on some Chaos Warrior arms instead or something. Failing that, I’d use the models with Fireglaives as a starting point rather than the basic Infernal Guard with shields. They have their hands in the correct position (the back rank ones would be best…) and if the guns are removable (which they might well be, as we can imagine the same sculpts may be used for blunderbusses) then you just need to put a great weapon in their hands instead.


Great idea! Oh boy…this is going to be expensive…


Good luck with the conversion and I agree with thommy the fireglaives are better then the infernal guard. You might want to try these great weapons. They are for the chaos warriors, so I’m not sure if the have the right size.


@furrie, those were my first choice for converting. It just seems as though I would have to do alot of sculpting to make it work. (a skill I am not good at). I really like the idea of converting the fireglaives. Seems to be less work overall.

Will post a picture showing the limits of my converting later today… we all need a good laugh every now and then


I prefer these tbh:- http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?prodId=prod1570033

just clip the pointy bit off and halberd becomes great axe. Still a touch pricey for me for bitz.


Maybe they’ll end up a little on the small side for great weapons but I was thinking of using marauder hand weapons, converted to being held in both hands… these always seemed a little too large to be held in a single hand as the marauders do.


I’d like to see pics of the first person to use the Chaos Warriors GW sprue to see how it looks and how much of a hassle it was. I’m all about a good, functional look with a minimal amount of work.

Anyone else planning on trying to use the AoW new plastic berserker unit to try to represent some sort of CD warriors? I think they might work with no mohawks, but they need more armor somehow. I have a regiment of 20 on order and will try to convert them somehow to use in my new CD army. -S


I ordered up Bloodletter weapons from ebay a while back and used them as great weapons.  Wasn’t very hard, just time consuming.

My house is under renovation, so a snack tray is all that I can muster up for a work area nowadays.  I was able to rank up all of my infernal guard, and I am quite pleased with the results.

I guess I need to do a painting blog now.

edits: I signed up for photobucket to embed these.  Flickr let me down.


Nice models, but imo the weapons should be shortened.

Doesn’t look like you can use flickr for


I agree that the weapons are obnoxiously huge… but I kinda like that.


I have been looking at the fireglaive folks too for this as the hand-weapon guys all have one of the hands attached to the back of the shields. The positioning of the standard bearer makes him the easiest conversion I have been trying out the roman halberds from scribor minatures I clip off the bottom spike and its makees a really large great axe. It still takes a lot of green stuff and am not really happy with it on the rank and file I have yet to find an axe that works well for me , the swords look cool but really want my guys to have axes. Was considering using the lances from the chaos knights one looks like an axe

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Axes are definitely better. I myself have no love at all for those swords.

Grimbold Blackhammer


I think the weapons are to big.

Maybe trimming them would be good.


I would have prefered axes, but thats just a matter of taste. The models looks good… :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’ve always found swords on Dwarfs to be odd, but that’s just me. Regardless, the conversion is done well and it looks pretty dang good.

I do have a question though - what did you do with the original weapons?


In order for me to attach the great weapons, I had to cut off the fireglaives above and below the hands. then hollow out the remaining hand to allow the sword to be held.

I now have a little pile of fireglaive weapon hilts (the small blade at the bottom of the gun) and the blade from the top of the weapon (double sided axe on a gun barrell). I started blue tacking the tips onto various models so see if I could use them for conversions. I haven’t found a use for them yet.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Did the barrels get destroyed in the process then?


Did the barrels get destroyed in the process then?

Hashut's Blessing
only the upper half of the barrels survived. I have 20 half-fireglaives in a pile. Trust me, it's impossible to salvage a full gun....I tried.
It was either the gun, or the hands in the end. And the hands won.