[Archive] Inferno Glomems and Deamoneater conversions


Hi All

I am currently converting inferno golems and a deamonsmith from the Indy GT Dwarfs of Chaos Book. The golems are done but not painted while the deamonsmith is in the middle of having a new set of legs attached.

Hopefully there will be some pictures with this post if I can get the picture system to work.


[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



looks awesome, love the deamoneater might have to steal some of your ideas I think.

What are the deamoneaters legs from?


The first 3 Daemoneaters are fantastic - I like them a lot! :hat off

Now I’m eager to see them painted! :wink:



The two groups of three are based on Ork plastic killer can bodies with fantasy wheels (they all have a single foot at the back for stability). Arms are weapons from same and heads ares from a Chaos Defiler. The tall versions are on Imperial Guard sentinal legs.

The ‘spider’ guy uses old metal Ork killer can bodies and parts from an old Empire steam tank for a body. The top half of a CD champion forms the head, the arms are from a 40K Chaos dreadnought while the metal spider legs are from and old model (not a warhammer model) found in the bits box - must be quite an old model as they are very heavy so are probably old lead based castings- very awkward to attach because of the weight.


PS, I have two of the defiler packs which I got the heads from as I am hoping to build the brass scorpion featured in an old White Dwarf which looks to be a really great model.


awesome use of old bits. makes me wish I had access to 40k stuff


I find the 40 K stuff very useful for bits for the CDs. Because they are very mechanical focused lots of their stuff is machine driven and 40K has a huge range of machine type bits and the Ork stuff is sufficiently primitive to fit well into the warhammer world. I am looking at acquiring the big front roller from an Ork battlewagon for the front of a CD jugganought (sic) so I can just roll on over all my enemies.