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Easy question pals, i have an old GW suitcase for store my models but is filled with my old skaven and i have no place where to put them, so i need another one for transport my dwarves.

Considering the fact that they are all metal, they will usually get some paint removed here and there, so my question is:

What kind of box suitcase do you have? Considering all my models i will reach more or less 100units.

Do you have any link for a good alternative? Because GWs are like always too expensive


The Dreadnought army figure case.

It’s the best quality-price deal out there. And let me explaing you why:

1) It’s huge.
2) It’s relatively cheap for its size.
3) It’s customizeable. You need thicker foam trays to store your Renders? No probs.
4) It has pockets. This might sound redundant, but it allows you to carry books & dice.
5) The big trays are the ones where you can pluck the foam out of them, maximizing customization. That Hellcannon/Destroyer is going to fit snugly.
6) Its zipper opens the top AND one of the sides, allowing instant access to ALL trays at the same time.
7) It has a shoulder strap.

It also has a downside though. It is sturdy (very!), and features high quality stitching, but it’s still canvas and not hard plastic. Of course, it’s not like you are going to play football with it, but still.



“relatively cheap” =/= 65£

got an heart attack as i saw that


"relatively cheap" =/= 65£

got an heart attack as i saw that

...Have you seen the size of that thing? That's the last case you are going to buy in a long time, trust me. Besides, that's the largest one available. The company makes smaller ones as well.


Only need one thread for this: