[Archive] Input please: 2,500 points of LOA

Glimpse the Void:

Hi, this list is intended for friendly games at the local gaming store. I’d like to be a bit competitive but I don’t want a list thats so hard that it makes everyone go “see, this is why no one likes chaos dwarves…”.

I hope I can sort of sit back and shoot & magic them down before the fight starts, redirecting with lots of chaff and smashing them with the bull centaur to finish them off.

I’m about 20 points heavy, and am curious about what you guys think about the list before I buy more models. Thanks in advance for your insights.


-1 Dwarf Vader (Sorcerer-Prophet) @ 345.0 Pts

General; Lore of Death; Magic Level 4; Darkforged Weapon; Blackshard

Armour, Talisman of Preservation [45.0] (in IG)

-1 BS Bearer (Dark Castellan) @ 202.0 Pts

Great Weapon; Blackshard Armour; Shield; Battle Standard

The Mask of the Furnace [65.0] (in the IG, deals with fighty characters?)

-1 Daemonsmith Sorcerer @ 95.0 Pts

Lore of Fire; Magic Level 1; Ensorcelled Hand Weapons; Blackshard Armour (baby sits the artillery)


-28 Chaos Dwarf Inferal Guard @ 535.0 Pts

Fireglaives; Blackshard Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician

Banner of the Eternal Flame [10.0], 1 Deathmask @ [12.0] Pts

Blackshard Armour

-20 Hobgoblin Cutthroats @ 92.0 Pts (chaff)

Throwing Knives; Light Armour; Standard; Musician

-20 Hobgoblin Cutthroats @ 92.0 Pts (chaff)

Throwing Knives; Light Armour; Standard; Musician


-1 Bull Centaur Taur’ruk @ 205.0 Pts

Heavy Armour

Crown of Command [35.0]

Golden Sigil Sword


2 magma cannons will not earn you too many friends. :wink:

28 fireglaives. Pretty interesting. I just hope you do not come up afainst high elf knights or a character with 2+ ward save vs flaming attacks because they could hold up that 500+ unit indefinately (if stubborn - crown of command). I would lose that banner of eternal flame myself to help with the heavy 20 points.


If you want to play nice, three Str 5 template war machines, redirecting fast cav, 28 shooters and Death magic is probably not the way to go :wink: Chucking templates of doom around always makes people think you’re being cheesey and its not even a good way to actually score VPs.

I think you could have a competitive list that is far less likely to put people off.

I would limit yourself to 2 war machines. This indicates you aren’t using a gunline of cheese and will buy you some browny points with your opponents.

I would use a Destroyer. Yes, its powerful, but it can be dealt with and the best way for your friends to discover this is to play against it. Its still more fun than being redirected by wolf riders while eating Purple Suns and Magma Cannon shots.

Drop some points from characters and get a third fighting unit in there too, maybe some Fireborn or an ID. Try and prove there is more to CDs than gunlines.



Remember Hellcannon is a monster not a warmachine :wink:


Also bear in mind that fireglavies while they sound cool, actually are not that good. One shot each at range means you often hit on 5’s or 6’s. Once in hand to hand you loose a vital point of armour and no parry. I would highly suggest the same brick of guys but 36 with blunderbusses instead. Pricey, but you have nasty shooting that will destroyer most anything outside of heavy cav.

Personally let me know how the bull centaurs work for you. Every time I do the math on them I become very sad.

Glimpse the Void:

Thanks for all the advice!  Three strength 5 templates might rub people the wrong way.  @frogbear I see what you did there.  I may switch one or both magma cannons to death rockets

Intresting what you said about blunderbuss, as I was very tempted to do them instead.  Does anyone have experince running a large block of both to compare?  Also, are the renders found to be subpar?  Should I run the unit with great weapons, extra weapons, or just sword and bird?  Also, I’m really not sure quite what to do with the units of hobgoblins on foot.  Anybody have advice here?


The centaurs just dont have enough damage output. There defense can be very good, but they will loose out in the long run from not doing enough damage.

If you must take them give them spears, st5 on charge and 2+ save.

Hobgoblins, by taking 2 bricks in them, then you have basically have made it so general and bsb must be near by any time they wish to fight. Specially for the nasty version of animosity they have.

Even worse are the wolf riders, there is a great chance they will animosity on you on a key turn they are suppose to be redirecting.

But as I said let me know how the centaurs do for you. Good luck.


Just remember if u want friendly 36 blunderbuss is not the way to go either. Just try to justify friendly after 108 shots in the shooty phase or as a charge reaction with rerolls to wound.

I think there are orher options in the list to look at rather than maxing on the power gaming. Personally if u wanted a magma i would take the one and give yourself another tactical option such as a death rocket.

Try not to max out on stuff as the CD do this very well - sometimes too well for friendlies - i find anyway


If you must take them give them spears, st5 on charge and 2+ save.
They aren't cavalry though, so they default to using them like infantry. Another masterstroke by FW there.

I would take Fireborn over BCs, they kill so much more.


I have agreed with my mates that one of each of the war machines is ok for friendly games.

In a tournament it’s different depending on the comp system but two magma may upset your mates.

Glimpse the Void:

Well, thanks for all of that. I can see where that could be a bit much to swallow. I think that I want to pass on the destroyer, in favor of the artillery being the most and only offensive element of the army.

Mike Newman:

Arnt wolf riders rare? Therefor you can only have 2 units…