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Well, i don’t know if this allready exist in this forum, because this is a little older, but if not, you really have to see it! When I started my CD project (at the time the BfSP dwarf sample was in the WD ^^), I searched for inspiration and found a thread of GeOrc, a very skilled Demon owner. His thread was helpful for me to plan future projects, but I never shared this to the community.

…untill now ^^

Chaos Dwarf Army Project - Druchii.net



that is some awesome info. :o


Thumbs up! :cheers


Looks very interesting!

Cool find and thanx for the link! :hat off

I need some time to read it careful and intense!


Pyro Stick:

This was also posted on The Hand of Hashut:


Heres the thread where he showed of the wips of his sorceror:



Shame he never got round to doing more warriors, the prototype armature was looking reasonably good.  He said he made a sprue for a battlerager, but I never got to see it. :frowning:

I think Georc might be the greatest golden Daemon winner.  He’d got something stupid like 23. I’d be happy with 1.

Kera foehunter:

Love the art work ! and a cool cd, love the flesh color ( flesh stuff )Wondering if it is real flesh used to make it lol

thanks snot for the link