[Archive] Interchangeable Hobgoblin Wolf Rider Hero

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Based on the positive information on my Poll in the Chaos Dwarf Board, I made these three Hobgoblin Wolfboys Heroes. I used almost the same pieces for each so that it would look like 1 hero that changed up his weapons/equipment. Essentually, this is the same hero in 3 different poses.

This Hobgoblin Wolfboys Hero has a hole between his legs so that I can mount him onto a rod that’s on the wolf model. This makes him interchangeable with other Hobgoblin heroes.

The Hobgoblin Wolfboys Hero with a Great Weapon made from the Hobgoblin standard pole and a Tomb Kings banner topper sitting on the wolf.

Armed with sword and shield, althought the shield isn’t visible in this picture.

The wolf model. Note the metal rod. It’s 1/16 inch metal wire.

Here’s a picture showing the Hobgoblin mounting onto the pin.

The Hobgoblin Wolfboys Hero on the wolf.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Here’s the painted wolf.

I know he looks like the grey plastic, but I did add 2 different shades of grey on him and some white paint underneath.

Da Crusha:

thats cool. Ive been doing interchangeable riders on my wolfs as well except I use magnets, that way I can use them as direwolves or chaos hounds. I originally started using rare earth magnets after reading an article in white dwarf about getting the most out of your models. then I put magnets into every shoulder of an entire unit of 6th ed dwarfs so they can have interchangeable weapons; hand weapon, great weapon or crossbow.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Pretty Kool…and the magnets don’t affect their abillity to reproduce! LOL!


So that hero literally has rod up his…

Looking good. I’ve been trying to get this interchangeable thing working for a while. Never ends up working particularly well unfortunately.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

And now…here’s the finished project…

The finished Two Hand Weapon Hobgoblin Wolfboys Hero.

The finished Heavy Weapon Hobgoblin Wolfboys Hero.

The finished Hand Weapon and Shield Hobgoblin Wolfboys Hero.


the great weapon is an awesome idea…would be cool for obsidian guard…


Great work. Great idea.