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might get some more info on cd releases, i hope post 12 is wrong


its not looking good, 3 years minimum at a half maybes.

if they would just give the pdf a re-write whilst we are waiting . . . .


Mid-late 2009 is still wide open

Kera foehunter:

bla bla bla just bring the chaos dwarfs out !!! no more talking about it !!


Just bring out the updated PDF, thats all we need!

Pyro Stick:

No CD until 2011 at the earliest.And given GW's declining sales and profits, I guess that means never...
This very well could be the case. If they still havent been released by 2011 then there is no chance i will buy any then. I doubt i will be able to keep an interest in the game that long with nothing happening apart from price rises.


Just bring out the updated PDF, thats all we need!

I second that.

Like the Blood Angels got one (So why not give one to the CDs?). Then I could easily wait until 2011 or even longer. Don't need any fancy models - do you? Just give us rules!


the thing is, there sales are dropping, but they can make everything cheaper now and if they did make new CD figures, along with a redo of the specialist agmes they could rake in a ton

and I’m still gonna hope for 2009

Kera foehunter:

If it don’t come out in 2009 it willn’t come out


The sad thing is that a PDF would be so easy to do too.

Add to the fact that the average cd army is way expensive. At least a converted army is, thus more cash for GW. Hence they won’t do it, it makes too much sense.


Hate to say it but with all the GW/White Dwarf bashing going on lately I can’t see a PDF release anytime soon (It’s hard to find a fantasy gaming board anywhere these days that isn’t feeling a little disappointed though fair call if GW’s making most of their money off 40K, tabletop gaming is just not going as great as it has in the past (I’m sure most people have noticed that the local video game shop usally has more people in it than your local GW/gaming shop).

Of course we can just cheese it up to the max and enter as many comps as we hear about and maybe the problem would have to get addressed. Plus comps are a good chance to let others know about the CD’s and their limbo. But realistically not many of us have tourney ready armies so I won’t be upset if that doesn’t happen. (I don’t even have a finished unit myself :sick)

Any updates on the PDF we were working on during the book brainstorm of last year? It would be a welcome edition to most house rules I’m sure.

I’m not too fussed about all this anymore though I mean if people are actually getting the fishmen to work then keeping CD’s going should be a piece of cake (using lizardmen rules was a great idea by the way but they�?Tll really need a homemade PDF in future for house rules to get the most out of their amphibious nature though)

Piont of rant = Not holding breath & Not really blaming GW either.

(first post back again long hiatus, busy busy busy)



why 2011 were did that come from

Ghrask Dragh:

why 2011 were did that come from

Just because there are no realese dates for then, work is usually started a long time before any realeses so if we were to have an army in 2009 work would have already started (early planning stages and designing) and to be honest I don't thnk they are doing that right now, or any time within the next couple of months (I hope I'm wrong though!). So 2010/2011 would seem more likely.

I would settle for a new pdf, not even with any intention of new miniatures, just create some rules to satisfy the great number of people that want Chaos Dwarfs and let us do whatever we want with the mniatures for them!!