[Archive] Introduction to Chaos Dwarves


I’ve been playing warhammer for about 6 months now, and I’ve built up a decent size Dwarf army in that time (2500pts).��With that done, I’m debating my next army, and Chaos dwarves are on the list.

That being said, I’m very disheartened by having to convert everything.��So I am setting up a list that will reduce the amount of conversions so I can get started on 1000pt games.��Then I can at least play some small games while I’m working on the big conversion projects.��I would love opinions on this strategy.

1000 points


Chaos Dwarf Hero 66

Heavy Armour, Shield

Sorcerer (Level 2) 100


15 Warrior 165

Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer

10 Warrior with Blunderbuss 150

Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer


20 Black Orcs 298

Black Orc Boss, Musician, Standard Standard


4 Leadbelchers 220

Total 999

All that needs to be converted with this list is 2 heroes, and 25 warriors (15 normal, 10 w/blunderbuss).

After that is done I would start on Bull centaurs to replace the Lead Belchers, and then build up on more warriors.


conversions are one of the big draws to this army. id ditch the belchers for either an earthshaker or some bull centaurs.


I know what you mean, I don’t mind converting CD but converting greenskins,well I’d rather not.

I do like using DoW but I would leave the Ogres for the 2000+ mark with these points I would bulk up the CD units and add in some bolt throwers, maybe just use the spear chukkas (no converting required :cheers)


conversions are one of the big draws to this army.��

I agree, converting is the bestthing about this army! You have a blank canvass and you can make your army look however you want it to look!

I think if you're worried about converting then you're probably heading up the right road. I would consider getting classic models off ebay for units you will be converting instead of units that you probably wont have a place for when your done, if nothing else it gets you used to using the unit (ie, classic BCs or Earthsaker instead of ogres!) and you may want to invest in a cheap meat shield. You can use normal gobbos for hobgoblins and just paint them with human skin tone!


conversions are one of the big draws to this army.��id ditch the belchers for either an earthshaker or some bull centaurs.

Definetly an Earthshaker. That thing is basically a must have at 1000 pts. Never have more than one though in a 2000 pt battle. That is really unfair.

- Tallhat

Uzkul Werit:

Unfair but its one of the few worthwhile Rare choices for the army. Bull Centaurs are nice but they’re only really good, then half of your points vanish with one unit. I’d say no more than two Earthshakers at any point.


oh at 3k you can do it… all manner of armies get nasty at 3K…

but speaking of losing half of your points in one unit… this black orc unit will whiff it…

I’d play the models as Big 'Uns and save a bunch of points… or better yet turn it into two orc boy units with shields…

considering how tiny your warrior units are… and have to be… for now…

get more dwarfs… 20 warriors and 15 BBs minimum…