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Hi all,

Just found this site today and joined up. I've been an avid Chaos Dwarf player for a long time now. I started playing using a friend's Dark Elf army, caught the bug, and never stopped wanting to play. I don't have nearly enough time to get many games in anymore, but I do love to get in a good game of WHFB whenever possible.

I have a massive CD army now...well over 6000 points of all old-school figures. Really far too big to play a normal afternoon game. I also have way more armies than I really know what to do with. Mostly evil but I do have a couple good armies that I ended up picking up. I also have been putting together a couple 40k armies, but I still find FB the better of the two games. I don't know why I have all these when I never have time to play. I guess I am hoping I can find some way to become independently wealthy enough to do an early retirement and actually put these armies together and paint them. ;)

Take some snap shots of all that awesomeness! We'd love to see them!


Take some snap shots of all that awesomeness!  We'd love to see them!

I used to have a pic of them all on the same table.  I don't know what I did with them.  I think I used to have them posted on the Librarium site, but looks like the pics are gone now.  I'll try to take some more.  For now, if you're curious, this is what I have, and it's all the original models...

7 units of 20 CD Warriors w/blunderbuss
4 units of 20 CD Warriors w/ great weapons
2 units of 10 bull centaurs
1 unit of 12 bull centaurs
2 units of 30 Sneaky Gits
1 unit of 20 Sneaky Gits
1 unit of 16 Black Orcs
1 unit of 16 orcs that are way OOP...from mid 80s.
4 earthshakers + crew
7 Hobgoblin bolt throwers + crew
8 Death Rockets + crew
4 Sorcerers on Lamassus
4 CD Lords on Great Taurus
3 units of 10 and one unit of 13 hobgoblin wolf riders
2 units of 20 hobgoblin archers
25 hero/lord/sorcerer character models including 2 Astragoth characters

...and I am sure I am forgetting some random figures I still have in blister packs somewhere.  ;)  I'll try to break out the army this weekend for some pics.  My son is turning 9 in a couple weeks and that's just about old enough to start teaching him Warhammer, so there's a great reason to take them out for a couple pics.  :idea

(edit: After getting out the chars this weekend I put the right numbers in.)

Kera foehunter:

that would be cool to teach your son . i remember playing warhammer with my dad and uncles when i was young.

btw welcome to the site steven


Welcome to the site Steven! Enjoy and have a slave for joining.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Welcome all and 6,000 points is a mighty number! Sojourn, my apologies. Jiggs is a nickname for Dan, a.k.a. Sousunou.


Hi, I’m Mickey, and I have been playing Warhammer for four years or so. I have collected Dark Elves, Chaos, and Greenskins for WFB and Necrons and Chaos for 40k, but currently I play Empire, Daemonhunters, and Adeptus Mechanicus (using an Imperial Guard list with a healthy dose of doctrines and Forge World rules; these are fully converted, but required no sculpting). I am interested in starting a Chaos Dwarf force using BFSP and the conversion methods detailed by Xander and others on these forums, but lack the sculpting skills to do so.

If anyone with experience in this field would be willing to take a commission to do the green stuff sculpting, send me a PM.


doesn’t teke experiance TRUST ME! i suck at sculpting, but mine came out ok, just slowly practice sculpting, and just convert using diffrent bits until then

Viskar Zhragoth:

Hello all, I just noticed this, so it is my 2nd post. I bought my first GW figure way back in 1981 on a family vacation. I have played warhammer for 23 1/2 years. And this is the best hobby I could have ever dreamed of. Most of my girlfriends liked it. (most have painted with me, but only 2 played it regularly).

I have many different armies, and have played just about everything there is to play (including old Slaan, Fimirs, Cathay, and Pygmies!) I recently discovered your site, and I have been totally enthralled! I can’t wait to build my own, I even started trying to come up with some lists last night.

Thanks for the inspritation…:hat off:cheers

Kera foehunter:

sweet ! we have more new member .Im glade to see more new faces. Malevon and Viskar

hope to see you guys around.


Welcome Malevon and Viskar. I’m new here as well. You’ll really enjoy the site. Everyone here is great!

Take care!



Ahhh more noon chaos dwarfers to add to our burgeoning Empire. On behalf of the Staff - http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showteam.php



Howdy! I have recently seen a lot of people playing with Chaos Dwarfs at my store (Games Workshop in the Eaton Centre Mall in Toronto) and it got me thinking how cool it would be to do an army of these evil buggers I could go back and forth with the regular dwarf book too. So when my girlfriend got a job painting a set of blood bowl chaos dwarfs it got me thinking I should find out more about these guys, so I joined here.

P.S. Hey Xander guess who this is!


Another of Xander’s brothers? Welcome anyways!


@ azrael: Valair!? (sp? I can pronounce it fine…) it’s not another of Xander’s brothers though. lol, although there are 3 more to choose from!

Welcome also to Steven, Malevon and Viskar :slight_smile: I should watch this thread more carefully :slight_smile:


It is me Valaire! But who are you?

P.S. When I heard brother, I assumed it was in the metaphorical human race kind of brother.

Kera foehunter:

Thats cool !! Xander family rules welcome to the site Azarel


hahaha, it’s me! Jill… I visited the store a couple times with Xander/while he was working :slight_smile:

I’m just a really good guesser. :stuck_out_tongue:

zorn sabretooth:

i’m zorn sabretooth:hat off i like chaos dwarfs because they big hats:hat,hooked noses:o and babylionian beards i collect any thing chaos. blood for the blood god:mad i mean hail hashut!:cheers

Kera foehunter:

well welcome to the site Zorn .There are a lot of big hat ,hooked noses and babylionian beards here. So how will we find you from the rest of the guys.


hello zorn and welcom to this comunitie, I hope you will have a great army and get many slaves