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zorn sabretooth:

hello zorn and welcom to this comunitie, I hope you will have a great army and get many slaves



Hi everyone,

I have been lurking around here for a little while now, getting ideas and inspiration from some talented peoples conversions. As i feel like starting my second fantasy army. I was looking for something that little bit different, something that i can enjoy putting together, and hopefully playing with.

So hopefully i may be able to add some of my own models and ideas to that list for other to enjoy. However don’t hold your breath, as i churn out models at a rate a snail would find slow.




Hi Doc! and welcome to Zorn as well!

it’s ok about your speed… since I made my post about a faerie/pixie/girlie army I’ve finished 1 model completely… and glued together a second one. lol. you and I should pair up to motivate each other. :stuck_out_tongue:


A hearty welcome Zorn and Doc!

Any plans to enter the Golden Hat VI competition? Forgive me but I try to pimp this comp out at all avenues, because it is a lot of fun, and the end results are so rewarding for all!

Again… welcome!


Hey all!

My name is Stephan and I am from Bavaria in Germany.

I wanna play CHaosdwarfs since i saw Xander’s Army on Hand of Hashut .
I am 13 years old and I’ve bought some chaos dwarfs on ebay and now i am still waiting for 'em! :mad
Please keep one’s fingers crossed for me that i will get them soon.
Since I approaced I got bombarded from ideas and inspiration. I hope I can implement them very soon!

Fridericus_Rex :hat off


Welcome Zorn, Doc, and Fridericus_Rex! :cheers


Howdy! I have recently seen a lot of people playing with Chaos Dwarfs at my store (Games Workshop in the Eaton Centre Mall in Toronto) and it got me thinking how cool it would be to do an army of these evil buggers I could go back and forth with the regular dwarf book too. So when my girlfriend got a job painting a set of blood bowl chaos dwarfs it got me thinking I should find out more about these guys, so I joined here.

P.S. Hey Xander guess who this is!

Holy Balls!

Welcome aboard Valaire! You must be pretty psyched about the Grand Opening and all! Keep me informed man!

Glad you could join us!

zorn sabretooth:

i may sound dense but wats with the thing under our names is it a rank or something



i may sound dense but wats with the thing under our names is it a rank or something

zorn sabretooth
welcome to the site new peeps :), the more posts you make the name gets different, looks like at the moment you are a poor hobgoblin :(, when you get to a set ammount of post that will change as you get higher up the "food chain" of chaos dwarf life

zorn sabretooth:

my post count has stopped working ill stay a hobgoblin forever nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!


apparently “off topic discussion” posts do NOT count towards your post count. So Zorn, if you are posting only in Off Topic, that would be why you’ll always remain a hobgoblin. :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Welcome all! May you enjoy your stay. Apologies for the overdueness of my welcomations! W00t! for new words! Glad ya’ll are getting inspired, now let’s see you inspire others, eh? Get creative, get posting, get pictures up! The posts will increase as you post anywhere, but off-topic and PMs, as these increase your rank shall go up. Eventually, you shall reach a state of euphoria and achive the groupdom of Elite!

Taking a qwuick cue from Vexxus, go and take a look at the Artisan’s Contest! Sure to be fun. Hope ya want to join in!

Welcome again!


Hello, my name is Brian MacClellan, and I have dabbled in warhammer for quite some time now.

I recently decided to actualy get serius about the hobby and I’ve been having trouble deciding on an army to stick with.

I own 2000+ points of Orcs and Goblins, as well as about 500-750 pts of dwarves (from the battle for skull pass box).

My painting skills are what i would say are just above rookie, while my Green stuff and conversion skills are practicaly non existant.

I realy don’t have an opertunity to go to a Games Workshop store to try out the varius armies, or to learn painting and converting techniques as the closest one is nearly a state away, and in my city there is just a hobby shop with half a back wall section for Games workshop stuff. Also no one I know playes, exept some times my friend will use one of my armies and we’ll take a go at it.

Essentialy I’m fairly newbish at warhammer, but have been learning from the people at Bugman’s Brewery, and The Ogre stronghold.

Well, that’s me so far, feel free to ask me any questions if you want to know more.


Welcome Brian! don’t worry about being a n00b :slight_smile: I know nothing about WH, but feel at least somewhat competent at painting and visualizing colour schemes. But this is a great community and very understanding and helpful.

where are you from? maybe someone on here is nearby enough that you can set up a game? :slight_smile:


I’m from Alaska, although about 4 years ago I moved down to Kentucky and that’s where I’m living now. I’m in Elizabethtown, which is about as close to the middle of Kentucky as you can get.

Kera foehunter:

I know where thats out.That a nice town i have some relations in louisville ky.So let me say welcome to the site Bmaccellan


Thank you all for the welcomes.


hmm apparently I skipped this when I made a bee line to the conversion section :smiley:

Don’t remeber where I first heard of CD. WHat drew me to them though is their uniqueness (I tend to go out of my way to stand out in crowds). Anyways I originally bought a BFSP boxset for cheap rules, dice ect and was originally going use the models as painting experiment test things.

however, my original army (which I just started lasts sept) hordes of chaos is now illegal and the fluff that drew me to them is ruined :frowning: (had a large scale carnival of chaos). So decided to see what I could so with CD while waiting for the new book. Though I tend to enjoy the modelling way more than painting so this is working nicely for now.


Hi my name is Luis and I got interested in the chaos dwarves because so many of the players do killer conversions. Since I like converting and making stuff, the chaos dwarf forums seemed like a natural place for me to visit.


Welcome Wiz and Speedy!

Wiz, seems like a lot of people start with BFSP :slight_smile:

This seems like the perfect place for you Speedy, since so much conversion is needed for CDs!

I hope you both feel at home here! :slight_smile: