[Archive] Irish GT


Took my evil stunties to the Irish Grand Tournament at the weekend (Dwarf list as no Ravening Hordes allowed). Ended up playing a game while being filmed for the test-run for a tournament web-cam idea (basically filming 2 armies playing at tournies with a commentary for use on their websites and suchlike.) So Chaos Dwarfs captured on film at a Grand Tournie :)  Can only be a good thing. Typically my anvil blew up and I lost :slight_smile:

Finished 44th which was a bit sucky, had some poor rolls when I really didn’t need them, but a very fun event nonetheless.


don’t know how many players there where in total, but still cool to hear that the CD are captured on camera


Where can I find this interwebby goodness?


Lovely army, I had the pleasure of seeing it at the weekend.


yeah i would love to see pics of this army, the video would be better though!

next time im sure you will do better!


I don’t think the vid is actually viewable anywhere at the moment, it was more a test run. But at least the bods higher up will see Chaos Dwarfs alive and kicking.

Will probably use Thorek for his re-roll ability next time, but have loads of combat troops and rush across the board. :slight_smile: Much more interesting than the usual gunlines.


I looking forward to seeing this video thing. The other army, High Elves, won the best army award.

The special characters are something that nobody here wants in tournamenst (or at least the majority of people don’t). There’s a huge upheaval about it, trying to get the rules GT changed to something like the Bloodstorms of old or the current GW Eastern European GT (great rules).