[Archive] Iron Daemon Assembly Instructions

The Gib:

I recently bought a non-assembled Iron Daemon from an individual on another forum. However, the model did not come with instructions. I knew this going into the deal, apparently the previous owner lost these. I looked around and read some posts that said these were not difficult to put together, and looking at the model I think I could based on photos throughout the internet. My only hangup is I would hate to get everything glued together and then notice I had a single piece left that goes somewhere I can no longer get to. I am fairly new to fantasy, and completely new to forgeworld, and so I only noticed recently, after searching this forum, that some of the forgeworld models get counterfeited. It seems most of these end up being with very weak material, which this is not. Makes me as certain as I can be that this model is the real deal. Also, not sure why someone would take the time to cast molds and then be too lazy to photocopy a set of instructions. Anyway, all that to ask if anyone on the forum knows of somewhere there is a walk through for the assembly of the model? Any help would be most appreciated.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Try contacting the manufacturer. I believe it is against website policy to pass along assembly instructions as they are a copyrighted material.

Grimbold Blackhammer


Forgeworld replaced mine, send them an email.


before you assemble the ID take care that every part is “straight” . I bought mine assembled on ebay… well it looks like it was build by skaven or some goblins now, very “twistet”. And there was a fail part also… my ID has 3 big wheels and 3 small wheels instead of 2-4… it took me some time to fix it a little bit.