[Archive] Iron daemon dimensions

Bad Gram Northern:

Hi, I’m scratch building an Iron Daemon but I’m a little troubled by its size. therefore I need some dimensions from the original model as an reference.

could anyone who owns the model place share the follow dimensions with me? (in cm)

A: from foremost tip to backmost tip

B: the entire lenght of the boiler

C: diameter of the biggest wheel

D: diameter of the smaller wheels

E: from ground level to top of the boiler

ps: the picture and model are not mine, it’s randomly taken from the internet

Da Crusha:

C is the same size as the large hellcannon wheels. this I have confirmed by taking side to side pics. D is the smaller wheels on the hellcannon. check my blog for exactly which wheels Im talking about. hope this helps.


A. Whole length about 130 mm. front Blades are 3omm long protrude 20 mm out in front of main body

B Boiler Body length about 62 mm approx. Bolier Dia is close to 16 mm

C Big wheel about 36 mm

D Smaller Wheel about 28 mm

E Base to top of boiler height 45 mm

Cannode main body length is 55 mm with dia about 8 mm

and overall width of whole machine to outside of wheels is about 60 mm

Have fun building it.

Bad Gram Northern:

thanks for the quick responses!

mine is currently 19cm long, or 7", and I think that might be to much. I’m gonna see if I can make it any shorter.

I think it would be to much an hindrance in game turns to (really it’s impossible to miss with a cannon shot)


Yeh that sounds a bit too big. Gives the bad guys way too much “side” to aim at