[Archive] Iron Daemon Upgrade: Bharulik's Folly


Bharulik’s Folly                          50 points
(Unique Iron Daemon upgrade)

This vicious Iron Daemon carries immense peril and power to the battlefield. Within Bharulik’s Folly lurks the essence of a magical hammer, originally one of the five items forged from the cursed ore of Grimdur Gutwrencher, the metal used to create this hammer could only be melted from the ore after the Dawi Zharr Daemonsmith Arrazkrulim Flamefist had thrown himself into the furnace out of despair. His second-oldest son Hellsmith Bharulik Anvilchest could toil without end and work any substance like wax in his legendary Daemonforge. Yet the hammer tired, and avenged its oppressor by beating him into the hull of his masterpiece, a possessed Iron Daemon. Then the hammer escaped future toil by becoming one with the warmachine. To this day, the Iron Daemon Bharulik’s Folly is infamous for its destructive power, not least towards its crew.

Charging: Impact hits (2D6) rather than (D6+2). If double '1’s are rolled Bharulik’s Folly suffers D3 S5 wounds.
Close combat: Magical attacks.
Shooting: Magical attacks. Bharulik’s Folly fires three artillery dice rather than the usual two, discarding the lowest result. However, a Misfire result may never be discarded. Follows all the other rules for Steam Cannonade.


The last of the five equipments/upgrades to come out of this story.

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