[Archive] Iron Demon Mesurements


Contemplating of cheaping out and build my own Iron Demon.
Any one that went for the more expensive choise of actually buying one care to share some mesurements.

Lenghth and diamiter of canons and boiler. And height of the boiler would prolly be all I need to get started.
More measurements would be nice, but with those I should be able to build something out of PVC plastic tubes.

Was considering one of these but they just dont feel right. But that Tunnel machine might be used for something in the future.

Thanks for any help.


I’ve build my own too. Doesn’t have the original. But FW has given the vase size 60x100 for the ID. So as long as your machine fits on a base like that, you are good.


Mine is on a 60x100 base, too, and that`s pretty the size of the machine.


The model is pretty much exactly 60mmx100mm however, I think putting it onto a screaming bell base is actually not right, and should be revised imo to be on an anakarok base. It looks pretty silly, kind of like fitting a chaos warrior on a 20mm base.


100x150 is way too big for an Iron Demon. Both in stats and the fact that it works as a chariot.

ETC uses 60x100 for the ID as well. 80x100 for a skullcracker.


Thanks pepole. Just noticed thou that I wont be able to fit the ID in to my list for the upcoming tourney. So will have to prioritize some other stuff first haha. Did someone say BC’s? ^^

There are way to many Comp packages floating around now a days.