[Archive] Iron demon movement


I have been rereading the Iron demon movement rules as I am a massive fan of the models even if they are crippled by the thunder-stomp ruling rather than grind like a steam-tank which would have made so much more sense.

One of the difficulties is the no wheel on the charge, however when I was rereading the movement rules it says I can move “normally” up to its movement value. Now there is no normal movement phase in 8th there is either charges, compulsory and remaining moves. I am starting to think I can declare a charge and wheel if its less than 6 inches beyond that I have to use the straight line and 2d6 version.

the first paragraph says normal movement up to 6 OR alternatively or enage its steam boiler …so what are folks thoughts?


I think the intent is fairly clear, annoying though it is. It can move normally up to 6" or engage the boiler and boost 6+2D6" in a straight line. I think any other interpretation will be taken as wishful thinking.

I really don’t understand why the rules for it are so crippling.


yes you are probably right I just wish I didn’t love the models so much have 3 lol 2 skull-crackers and standard one


yes you are probably right I just wish I didn't love the models so much have 3 lol 2 skull-crackers and standard one
Don't be so sure that's a bad thing ;)

At 2400pts, you can do something like:

Prophet on Taurus

600pts of IG and Hobgoblin archers

2 Skullcrackers



Its actually freaking scary as long as there is no Purple Sun-based shenanigans. Ok, so you only move in straight lines, but that's what the Destroyer and Taurus are for :) Use them and the infantry to herd people to where you want.

The Trains and Destroyer are virtually untouchable to most things, the Taurus is mobile and the IG are also tough, meaning its very hard to get points off it without Purple Sun/Brass Orb or Pit. Conversely, 2 Skullcrackers will munch any infantry unit in a round or two, as will the Destroyer. Roll the ID up ahead to take the charge and then counter with the Skullcrackers. Brets and Ogres will be harder to deal with, but even they can't take 4D6+4 Str 7 Impact hits...
Even gunlines will die to it - when this lot surge forward first turn, you've got a lot of work to do with, what, 3 cannons max? ;) Its not enough, is it?

1 ID is crap, 2 is ok and 3 is scary sh*t. ;)