[Archive] Iron Sworn Iron Formation


Since Swedish comp is sweeping the nation (or at least where I play), taking a brick of 29 of them lets me have a punch unit that lets me sneak a high comp in. As such I have been thinking of ways to make them more worth the good god price tag. I think I have it.

Iron Sworn the IRON FORMATION!!!

With a growl of orders and a bark of harshest discipline promised the Iron Sworn lock shields and become as iron itself.

A unit of Iron Sworn may assume the Iron formation.

To do this the unit must be in combat.

The unit gets plus 2 to Armour saves.

The parry ward drops from a 6 to a 5.

The unit can not do this in a turn it charges.

The unit can not do a pursue move the same turn it assume Iron Formation.


Good idea! Not least since it gives Ironsworn something extra to set them apart from IG core units. :cheers


Nice idea, could be worth taking then;)