[Archive] Ironblaster to magma cannon conversion?


Any ideas about how to convert an iron blaster to a magma cannon or death shrieker.

Kera foehunter:

well i was going to use it as a deck gun for my ogre

I would use the deck of the cart and the canon barrow( this would give you support for the canon barrow)

then add the horns to put it to the deck of the cart

add some steel wheels ( out of plastic card )

Green stuff - add demon to barrow

Skulls from any gw set…

see if this help your idea


I don’t know. I would change the Rhinox that’s for sure (or convert it too look like an enslaved beast of burden). The problem is that the cannon’s decorations don’t exactly look like CDish…


Keep the slave ogre, put a small magma put infront of his legs (sort of under the cannon area) on one side.  Put a chimney on the other.  Join together with techno bits and connect to the cannon with large pipes.  Put loads of techno gubbinz on the crew side.

Put a CD or two on either side of the ogre (treating it like a chariot).  Leave off any details that are just junk. If you’re really pushed for space you could probably squeeze a CD on the base next to it.

Stars and/or spikes on wheels like the magma cannon/ iron daemon.

Paint the whole thing as dark metal, no bone, wood or stone (or whatever else it’s made from).  Convert the rhinox into a bull or a lava beast.  If you did it as a lava beast you could forget the magma pot and have tubes going from the beast to the machine parts, then from there to the cannon!

Lastly, put a ring on the back so it can be hooked up to an Iron Daemon.

Job done.

I think this would be much more effective as a Magma Cannon than a deathshrieker.  That would actually look quite nice painted mostly dark metal (almost black), with the sharp edges and all the other stuff it would look like quite an evil creation imo.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

My attempt was to file the cannon down and green-stuff it to a pounded-metal-like surface and I attatched one of the new DE Black Dragon heads to the front of it with flames licking up between the teeth. It actually reminded me quite a bit of the battering ram used in the Lord of the Rings movie. As a magma cannon it looks quite good but every chassis I made to put the cannon on looked like garbage so I ended up tossing the whole project. Maybe someone else will have better luck…

Grimbold Blackhammer


Thanks for all the advice really helpful especially Grimstonefire. I’ll by it today and post pics next week after all it’s exam week